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Wildfitness is a philosophy, a community that challenges the assumptions of modern lifestyle.

Assumptions like that sitting at a desk for hours bathed in the cool glow of a screen is a natural human state... 

At the very core of the Wildfitness philosophy are the principles of movement, playfulness and reconnection with nature ­– after all, nature knows best.

Wildfitness retreats are designed to reprogram bad habits, postures, and movement patterns and remind you just how strong and capable the human body really is.

The Wildfitness approach draws on the research and experience of a number of experts at the forefront of the natural and evolutionary fitness field.

Our Wild Coaches are dynamic trainers, all determined to spread the principles of natural law in an enjoyable and inclusive way. Not only do they help you to discover the incredible potential of your body, but they will encourage you to push yourself and share our wild philosophies with you, helping to realign your priorities and get you back to nature. 

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