Wildfitness Coaches Training

The Fundamentals

Are you a personal trainer or sports professional and like the sound of our approach? We run regular Wildfitness Coaches Training courses, with the aim of giving other professionals a strong foundation and sound understanding of the Wildfitness philosophy.

You will learn about our belief system and it’s scientific backing, the evolutionary theory behind our outlook and what we believe it means to be a truly healthy and fit human being.

The course will introduce you to a concept that is empowering, and methods that are proven to have both transformative and sustainable health effects.

You will learn that mental and physical health can be understood from an evolutionary perspective by exploring why and how our bodies have evolved to meet the demands of our lives. These teachings are covered in three pillars: Living, Moving and Eating.

Wild Living - Our resilience and adaptability when it comes to challenges that are physical, psychological or, often, a combination of the two. Managing and recognising stress, it's origins and how to find a balance in our modern lifestyles. Establishing what our primal needs and desires are in order to feel content and satisfied within ourselves. Re-learning to actively incorporate fun into our daily routine.

Wild Moving - Our capacity to move in the context of what we have evolved to do. How this compares to current methods in the fitness industry and what problems there are with these traditional approaches. Looking at the external and internal physical forces that we should harness to be graceful and efficient movers. Approaching movement from a pleasurable perspective and looking at the environment around us with a new, wild filter on.

Wild Eating - Comparing our ancestral nutritional habits with modern diets. Exploring the effects nutrition has on our biochemistry and our gut microbiome health. Simplifying nutrition using nature and evolutionary filters to establish a common sense approach to the big question: what should I be eating?

Wildfitness Coaches Training is the gateway to becoming a Wildfitness Coach. It will give you a broad understanding of, and insight into, our wild approach. The specific journey you take will depend on your experience and availability to gain on-the-job training. 

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