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We run regular coaches training courses, often as a means to handpicking the best trainers with the most enthusiasm for the Wildfitness approach, but also to share our knowledge and experience with other members of the Wild community. Our next coaches training is in London in August.  For more details, please click here.

"I took part in the Wildfitness Coaches Training on the Isle of Wight in May 2012. It was a life-changing experience. We were made welcome by Tara and her fantastic team from the minute we arrived and their positivity and enthusiasm ran through the entire 4 days of the training course. The setting was beautiful, the food was amazing (all the more so because it was so healthy), and the structure of the course was calibrated expertly with classroom sessions mixed with fun but sometimes gruelling outdoor sessions. It was a truly inspiring few days, I learned an incredible amount, and I met people that I am sure will become life-long friends. If you’re thinking about signing up, stop thinking and do it!"

Stephen Seddon – Attendee - May 2012 ‚ Stephen Seddon

"There is almost too much I could write about this experience. It was everything I had hoped and expected and yet at the same time exceeded all expectations without needing to jump around, sparkle and do backflips. It was understated yet impressive, professional without taking itself too seriously, transformative yet true to who we are and, most importantly, fun. Fun, fun, fun. Thank you Wildfitness!"

Johanna Saladas – Attendee

"If you are looking for something that really makes sense in an industry so led by marketing, this is something you should explore. I learned so many tools to take back and use with my clients in London and was really inspired."

Uju Eze – Attendee and subsequent Head Wild Coach

"I loved that each trainer had their area of expertise and spoke so well. They made it easy to understand and I wanted more! I have a hunger now to be the best and I am busy reading from the recommendations that were given and they are so helpful."

Jade de Valle – Attendee

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