Community: It’s A Big Wild World 

Wildfitness is among a growing number of organisations across the world that champion nature and evolutionary science. By connecting and collaborating with like-minded people, Wildfitness continues to evolve and grow.

Recently we have invited other pioneers in the wild community to co-host retreats, share their knowledge during our coaches training and attend our courses. Here are a few people and companies that we really rate: 

Rafe Kelley spends plenty of time hanging from and swinging through trees.  But what appears on the surface to be a childish passtime, has knowledge and a philosophy that goes very deep, like the roots of his favourite Seattle oaks.  Read more...

Parkour Generations
In some ways, Parkour is finding a way of using the resourcefulness of the human body to more fluidly navigate urban environments.  It has great appeal in developng form, balance and perception and in exploring the human body's potential.  Read more...

Finding a little bit of wild only 3 hours from London, Paul and Uju, two of our head coaches based in the Big Smoke, attended a survival course  in the Lake District with Ben McNutt of Woodsmoke.  Read more...

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