What they say

Often the best way to decide if something is right for you is to talk to someone who has done it.

In fact, the majority people who come on our courses are referred by friends who have completed a course and gone on to be ambassadors for the Wildfitness philosophy.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their experiences…


By the end of the week everyone was walking straighter, the exhausted high flyers began to relax, I began to lose my ‘knackered mum’ look and we started really feeling physically stronger and ready to face the sessions. The experience made me realize that your body can tolerate any amount of grueling exercise when pushed by the right trainer, eating the right food and getting the right amount of sleep. Wildfitness is a body as well as mind changing holiday…..it is worth every drop of sweat.


Anita Powell - Jan 2016 ‚ (1 week boost) Zanzibar

"The whole experience was unbelievable, I have been boring my wife on my 'new way of life'. Could you please forward my thanks onto those brilliant people who made it so amazing."

Sam Pearman - Jun 2014 ‚ (1 Week Boost) Spain

"Having done Kenya and Crete, I had high expectations for Spain. Colin and the team totally smashed it again! I had an AMAZING time and really enjoyed the variety of the games and sports. Running through fields of sunflowers was something I'll never forget. I've come back to London all revitalised and ready to go again. Big thank you!"

Viv Stephen - Jun 2014 ‚ (1 Week Boost) Spain

"This is the best thing I have ever done! After 2 days I felt more invigorated, motivated and positive than I have done in a long time. I have retained that feeling since being home too and hope to keep it for a very long time!"

Tracey Day - Jun 2014 ‚ (1 Week Boost) Spain

"What makes Wildfitness unique is not only the balance they introduce in terms of working out really hard/ movement, rest and food but how much of it anyone can easily take away and incorporate into everyday life. it's also lots of fun and coaches/staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I highly recommend WILDFITNESS and definitely plan on coming back!"

Tina Naser - Apr 2014 ‚ (2 Week Revitalise)

"Everyone should put Wildfitness on their bucket list!!"

Mary O'Reilly - Apr 2014 ‚ (2 Week Revitalise)

"Thank you for such a wonderful holiday. I feel completely rejuvenated, healthy, strong and happy! I loved the location, trainers, food and the activities, it was the perfect holiday!"

Olivia Ciardi - Apr 2014 ‚ (9 Day Kick Start)

"It's my 2nd time back at Wildfitness and it is still very challenging! The course is always evolving, so I know I will always learn something new. The organization of the course is awesome and I hope I make it back again!! "

Neha Parmar - Apr 2014 ‚ (9 Day Kick Start)

"Completely life changing and it brought back the animal in me! They push you for you to realize that there are no limits with your body."

Nili Shah - Apr 2014 ‚ Nili Shah

"I now have a skills set of how to use my body in nature and make it stronger and use every part of movement for a reason. There's so many things I want to do and I didnt want my body to get in the way of my being able to do things. That's what Wildfitness has given me."

Niamh McAnally - Feb 2014 ‚ (Long Transformation Course)

"You re-learn how to use your muscles, bones, the structure of your body to generate energy and to transfer that energy into feeling good. Motivational and inspirational, I certainly won't be forgetting this in a hurry."

William Stevens - Feb 2014 ‚ (9 Day Kick Start)

"Wildfitness should be a social service!"

Margaret Hartnett - Jan 2014 ‚ (2 Week Revitalise)

"Wildfitness shows you how to move and use all parts of your body again, and it functions, after three weeks of training with this wonderful training team I feel great!"

Michael Stromsoe - Jan 2014 ‚ (9 Day Kick Start)

"An experience which sends you out with the desire to carry on in the way nature has made you...With a resume of vacations behind me, this one will be the most personal. It was a "better me" vacation."

Anonymous client - Dec 2013 ‚ (9 Day Kick Start)

"It's a wonderful way to get back in touch with your body, with a tribe and to feel alive, like a real human being again!!"

Lise Melvin - Dec 2013 ‚ (9 Day Kick Start)

"The philosophy at Wildfitness not only changes your attitude to exercise, but to life as well. It exceeded my expectations!"

Ella May - Nov 2013 ‚ (2 Week Revitalise)

"This was one of the most fun vacations i have ever taken. I travel a lot and i would say that this trip was one of my favorites ever. All the work and life stress just melted away. I plan to do a course again as soon as i can!"

Deanna Gordon - Nov 2013 ‚ (2 Week Revitalise)

"Thanks for everything! I think it was one of the best decisions of my life to come to Kenya for wildfitness."

Simran Sangha - Sep 2013 ‚ 9 day kick-start

"What a fantastic experience, sensational location, even more sensational people. I felt looked after and nurtured with patience and good humour and I feel ready to conquer the world. YOU ALL ROCK!!"

Eleanor Sykes - Aug 2013 ‚ Long Tranformational course

"My 3rd Wildfitness holiday and it keeps on getting better. Thank you all coaches. I am leaving revitalised and ready to face the world."

Simone Cunliffe - Jun 2013 ‚ 1 week Boost

"I am very lucky to have discovered Wildfitness. As a small holiday company, it is like a little Gem in a world of big anonymous package tours. The workouts are intense but with plenty of rest in between. The small group really bonded and we encouraged each other. A fantastic experience!"

Oliver Keating - Jun 2013 ‚ 1 week Boost

"Thanks to all coaches and staff for a fantastic time....more fun than you can imagine in a wonderful tranquil location!"

Corrinne Cunningham - Jun 2013 ‚ 1 week Boost

"Wildfitness is one of the best 'highs' I've ever felt. It gives you a great sense of awareness of your body and environment. I've never felt so amazing as after these 9 days! This is the best value for money I have ever spent on myself and I will absolutely be returning! Thank you Wildfitness!"

Neha Parmar - Feb 2013 ‚ 9 Day Kick Start

"You should all be extremely proud of what you do. I admired the level of professionalism throughout the course and the way you delivered your knowledge, making it challenging and fun."

Steve Bright ‚ 9 Day Kick Start

"Good company, good food, motivational and inspirational. Leave your gym and go do what you are designed to do."

Alistair Linford ‚ 1 Week Boost

"As always I am returning home feeling full of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm. I feel totally de-stressed and ready to face the world with a fresh pair of eyes. "

Bridget Gisby ‚ 1 Week Boost

"I have never felt so in tune with my body. I had always thought I was fit but this has taught me what the real meaning of fitness is. "

Stephania Varalli ‚ 9 Day Kickstart

"A true experience of Wildness. A Perfect combination of challenging physical activity under the supervision of inspiring coaches as well as time to relax and excellent food! "

Katie Bowen ‚ 9 Day Kickstart

"Finally I discover fitness that is fun, natural and wild! I could never stick to anything at the gym because I found it so boring and saw little results. Wildfitness taught me how to play and before I knew it my body became a leaner, stronger, more toned version of its previous self. "

Kieara Forster ‚ 2 Week Revitalise

"An incredible life changing experience, phenomenal coaches & training who helped me realise a far better way of training, got me fit in two weeks & created a complete paradigm change in my mind on health & fitness. "

Tessa Barber ‚ 2 Week Revitalise

"Stunning location. Healthy to the soul. Fitness program is challenging and exciting and equally exhausting as it is exhilarating. Fantastic food that tastes of sunshine and freshness. An all-round life-changing experience! "

Laura Zwick ‚ Long Transformation Course

"If you want an opportunity to reclaim your body and refresh your mind then all you need to do is book some time with the knowledgeable, experienced and passionate people at “Wildfitness!!”"

Chris Wilson ‚ Long Transformation Course

"Cannot recommend Wildfitness highly enough! I was taught and learned a lot over the week. The knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff really completed it. Looking forward to the next time! "

Damien Fitzpatrick ‚ 9 Day Kickstart

"I’m feeling inspired to take on new things thanks to Wildfitness. I’ve regained my bounce in my step and I’ve a more positive attitude to life and fitness. Everyone should do a Wildfitness course at least once a year! "

Kasia Motel ‚ Long Transformation Course

"Having attended courses in Kenya 3 times already, I can say that it’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s inspiring and one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. "

Hanno Strube ‚ 9 Day Kickstart

"Coming from a very low level of fitness, I was apprehensive in the beginning. I had no need to fear. The coaches are all super encouraging and are very happy to help you scale the certain activities that you struggle with early on for a maximum end result. The start of my new, fitter, lift starts here! "

Louise Preston ‚ 2 Week Revitalise

"I arrived with an injury that had been affecting my lifestyle & exercise for years. Within 2 weeks, Wildfitness coaches had me moving properly and pain free! I leave feeling so much fitter & stronger with a newborn excitement for my future. I am extremely grateful to Wildfitness for setting me free from my limitations & pain! "

Allison Bennett ‚ 2 Week Revitalise

"A truly magical journey: breath-taking scenery with the right amount of exercise, food to nourish our bodies, and rest. The results are amazing. I feel I have just gained back ten years. "

Nikki ‚ Long Transformation Course

"I had high expectations as a friend had recommended WF to me and they were significantly exceeded. Excellent trainers, food and overall approach. I will be encouraging all my friends to do the course. "

Mark ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"Within 3.5 weeks I had a shoulder injury under control and lost a couple of suit sizes! This relaxing, challenging place can be the kick-start for many to get their fitness and physical pleasure back in life. Many many thanks for transforming me from neanderthal to Hercules. "

Hjalmar ‚ Long Transformation Course

"Wildfitness in Kenya provided the inspiration I needed to revolutionise my approach to active living. I have lost weight, improved posture, got stronger, tried many new activities, made new friends…. And had a lot of fun the process! "

Alli ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"I had a fantastic time and would not hesitate to recommend Wildfitness to others. It is a beautiful place and the coaches are absolutely first class. It’s been great to be in an environment where all your health and fitness questions can be answered! I had a ball! Plus the banana whip is fabulous. "

Paul ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"I came on Wildfitness hoping that it would be fun and that I would rediscover my enjoyment of exercise. This has completely been fulfilled, plus I have lost more weight than I ever expected. I feel so relaxed now and excited about continuing to progress back home. Thank you so much for halting my slump! "

Jane ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"The course gave me the foundation to start a new & achievable fitness regime taking into account the commitments and pressures of everyday city life. Losing weight was a great feeling and I feel stronger and much better in myself. "

Chanda ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"I didn’t know I had it in me. In 9 days you’ve cleared away 9 years of problems! Result. Thank you. "

Deborah ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"What an amazing sense of adventure. Having just had a baby (a year ago) I needed a boost in terms of detox, diet, exercise and all over wellbeing. Coming to Wildfitness gave me all this and I feel so much lighter, clearer in my mind, radiant and more importantly ready to take back a lot of the values I learnt at the retreat. "

Maya ‚ 1 week Boost

"My third time back and better than ever. The instructors get more out of you than you even believe was there, but more importantly give you a road map to bring “Wildfitness” home after the course for fitness, eating and living."

Robert ‚ 1 week Boost

"A week later... I feel strong, physically and mentally. I’ve never worked so hard, laughed so much and had an education in fitness and nutrition all at once. A spark has been ignited for a healthier life to come. "

Tiffany ‚ 1 week Boost

"The only holiday I have ever taken that will continue when I get home."

Wayne ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"I would recommend Wildfitness to anyone wishing to kick start their lives via exercise, diet, and a new philosophy for living. WF will change the way you eat and exercise. It really is an experience for all and one which I can say I am happy to have experienced! Give it a go! "

Irfan ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"An amazing experience that starts off as a holiday and ends as the beginning of a whole new way of living! "

Ruth ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"Wonderful coaches, beautiful location and such friendly staff. Wildfitness manages to combine a new life philosophy, a healthy amount of exercise and you still get some rest and recuperation. Perfect for anyone wanting to use their holiday to change their life for the better. "

Julie ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"Wildfitness turned out to be everything I was hoping for and more. If it were possible I would have liked to stay on for the longer course and I will be back! The best break ever from city, office, family life! Hours spent exercising in the great outdoors in the most awesome location with a very professional, fun, and dedicated team! Thank you! "

Liesl ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"I had 3½ life-changing weeks at Wildfitness. I arrived stressed, unfit, and toxic, and left calm, leaner, fitter and much happier! By far the best and most useful holiday I’ve ever had! Thank you all. "

Alex ‚ Long Transformation Course

"For me, this Wildfitness course has been life changing. It has showed me that I am capable of extraordinary things. I feel that I am a confident, stronger, fitter and sparkier person for coming and have every intention of coming back. "

Jean ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"It’s an experience that you have to go through at least once in your life. "

Montse ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"Wildfitness is an experience of a lifetime. Everyday I could feel myself becoming stronger, fitter, and healthier. The location is magical. You need to experience it to believe it. "

Nicola ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"A life-changing experience. More of an investment than a cost. "

Phil ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"Too often we can become stuck in our own lifestyle regime. Wildfitness showed me that there is an option which allows me to eat good tasty food and not exercise until I drop everyday. Changing a few little things has/will help make big differences, both in how I feel and work. Thank you very much Wildfitness team. "

Carol ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"As an ex-olympic athlete I thought I knew a lot about fitness but this taught me a lot more. If you’re interested in getting fit and feeling fit, this place is an inspirational way to do it. Beautiful scenery, great instructors and a lot of fun. "

Alison ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"A fantastic way to kick start or re-motivate you to undertake a balanced fitness program. The location is magical, the trainers highly professional and the staff and food fantastic. A slice of fitness heaven! "

Trish ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"I came to this holiday already fit and expecting a lot, I was not disappointed. They manage to mix the right amount of exercise and rest, mixed with the best food and views in Kenya. I could not recommend Wildfitness enough, the difference in your posture, shape, and mood after only a few weeks is outstanding. "

Anthony ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"I had an amazing time! I feel that I have really grown physically and mentally through the experience. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. "

William ‚ Long Transformation Course

"I arrived at Wildfitness, stressed, unfocused, with reduced fitness and no sense of direction. I am so thankful to the entire team & camaraderie of the group to lead me back on track. Wildfitness brought the person I want to be back. It has changed my life! "

Leanne ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"I was looking for a place to recharge my batteries and get into a rhythm in terms of exercise & eating well. Little did I know I would find that and be able to give up caffeine for 9 days! I feel great and would recommend it to anyone interested in getting fit, whether they are very athletic or couch potatoes. "

Melissa ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"A fantastic 3.5 weeks – and I now feel fitter, slimmer, healthier and more relaxed than I have for a long, long time."

Chris ‚ Long Transformation Course

"One week of Wildfitness wasn’t enough and I’m already planning my return trip! I’ve had a fantastic time, my body has been put through its paces and the training is second to none. I both loved my time in Crete and sometimes hated it – but for all the right reasons! "

Victoria ‚ 1 week Boost

"I will take away a real understanding of how to exercise in a more balanced and relaxed way and that will make a huge difference. And I come back to my life with total renewed energy and vitality. "

Lewis ‚ 1 week Boost

"Wildfitness sets you on the right path when it comes to thinking about the way to train, eat and rest. I would recommend to others who need a push in the right direction. "

James ‚ 1 week Boost

"I am leaving feeling confident and fitter after some punishing work-outs in idyllic locations – having arrived feeling as if were a “worn out old wildebeest” I am leaving feeling more like a “young springbok”. THANKS EVERYONE. "

Sarah ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"This trip has exceeded all my expectations – the fitness programme is first class, the trainers exceptional, the staff amazing, superb accommodation, tasty food and wonderful weather & scenery. Multiple holidays rolled into one outstanding experience. "

Tony ‚ Long Transformation Course

"I feel like a new person – not just in terms of fitness & weight loss – but my whole out look on exercise and diet has changed – hopefully for good. An amazing experience. Thanks for all the support & inspiration. "

Simone ‚ 2 Week Revitalise

"Amazing what one can learn and achieve in 2 weeks time. I feel much fitter after the course and in addition I got a deep understanding of what real fitness is about. Thank you Wildfitness! "

Hanno ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"What I liked most about Wildfitness is the focus on education – it’s not a boot camp and is tailored to the individual. You get to learn your personal limits, and how to best operate within them. "

Kate ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"Wildfitness provides the perfect balance for those who are looking to combine a challenging fitness holiday with plenty of rest and relaxation in a stunning location. The sessions are challenging but non-competitive and achieve great results without any need for military style boot camp mentality. "

Kira ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"This course has met and exceeded my expectations. All sessions allow you to work to your individual capacity. The exercises are interesting, challenging, and enjoyable. This is a fantastic active-holiday experience that I strongly recommend to all people without reservation. "

Mike ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"It was an amazing experience. It’s a week of self challenge, team work, laughter and fun. The Wildfitness team are 100% professional, supportive, and really help you to achieve your goals. "

Vicki ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"This is a course of the highest quality with trainers of a standard you will not find better anywhere in the world. I arrived with severe muscle and joint pain and left without pain and with the confidence to manage my fitness better in the future. "

Jeremy ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"The Wildfitness course was a great and fun experience. Virtually everyone I know would benefit from this course. I can imagine what it would be like if the majority of people in Britain took up the Wildfitness lifestyle – de-stressed, healthy, and smiling all the time. "

Clementina ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"A terrific experience that reached beyond all my expectations. I really made some progress on my health and fitness in a very well managed environment. Plenty of thoughts, processes, and techniques to bring back home and use from now on. Cannot recommend it enough. "

Niall ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"A re–education of the mind, the body and the soul! Loved it and can’t wait to come back for more."

Emma Sheldon ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"The best antidote to the stresses of work imaginable – after only 9 days I feel fitter, healthier and more relaxed than I have in years. "

Jenny ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"Body felt & looked 10 years younger after 9 days – another week and who knows what we might have achieved!! "

Bridget ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"Really enjoyed the initial and follow up assessments. You rarely have the opportunity to see yourself walk, run, lift, punch, and to be taught to do these everyday movements more efficiently, and actually ‘see’ the difference. Well done guys! Can’t thank you and your team enough. "

Jennifer ‚ 2 week Revitalise

"For someone who has always walked long distances but never before run or swam more than 1km this course was inspirational, informative, and fun. I now have mastered new running and training techniques and have the confidence and determination to fun my first marathon this year. "

Ruth ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"The beauty of this course is that it is so well planned and thought out. The setting is beautiful, the care and attention to service allows you to focus on your fitness goals. Do this course and you will learn about your body and what you can do with it!! "

Stephanie Bourke ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"There isn’t a more wonderful setting for a highly invigorating, instructive, and productive way to get fit. I got so much out of the course which was run by an infectiously enthusiastic team. "

Stuart ‚ 9 day Kickstart

"I just wanted to say a huge thanks to all the staff and trainers for the holiday of a lifetime. Its just amazing how my body has changed and how much fitter I feel after just a few weeks. "

Phil ‚ Long Transformation Course

"Wildfitness was one of the best holidays of my life. I absolutely loved every minute. Perfect mix of exercises and African experience."

Sanna Ukkola

" I went to Kenya completely stressed out and unfit and came away inspired, fit and healthy. For those who want to forget everything and delight in every minute of every day, this is for you! I never imagined that getting up at 6 in the morning would be so energising! The food was astonishing, the variety of activities was breathtaking and the programme information was everything I need to reform my dreadful habits. Thank you Wildfitness for helping me remember what life is really about."

Helen Dean

"I have adopted a good portion of what I learnt, hardly any sugar, no caffeine, plenty of unprocessed food and regular eating habits, coupled with a sustained exercise regime that has seen me transformed physically. Wildfitness has made a unique and powerful contribution to my life, it has given me back health, fitness and vitality. Probably the best value for money I have had."

Andrew Love

" I thought it might be like a boot camp but I was pleasantly surprised. It was a fun based exercise course in a beautiful location with a lot of education and motivation. I got fitter, learned how to workout to achieve my goals, learned how to enjoy exercising, energised my body, mind and spirit, began to eat based on my body type, had a lot of fun and made some great friends. It is tremendous value for money and an investment everyone should make in themselves."

Padraig Hyland

" Take one unfit, worn out and very stressed out individual and let them spend two weeks at Baraka House. They leave with - aside from a fitter body and clearer mind - a much better understanding of their own physical needs and the personal tools to attain that higher fitness level wherever they go after Kenya. The professionalism of Wildfitness from the physical training to the massages to the tuition and the cuisine - are second to none. If you go with an open mind and, importantly, a sense of humour, you take away the tools to set you up for a far healthier life - of course it is then your responsibility to use them ! It really Is for anyone and everyone - if you don't believe them - call me !!"

Louise Sturman

"I love Wildfitness. Having started my adult life as a Physical Training Instructor in the Royal Marines, which culminated in my being head of all things physical at the Commando Training Centre, I knew a little bit about exercise. It was therefore a great shame to become so thoroughly disappointed by the regular gym and fitness world. I bought the mags and listened to my personal trainers but became completely disillusioned by what I thought were ill-informed amateurs selling hope to millions without any scientific or real practical knowledge. All that changed when I first went to Baraka House. Tara's vision of Wildfitness completely fitted in with what I had always wanted: a science based holistic fitness experience that pushes you in an adult, friendly way. Finally I had found what I had been searching for, for so long. I loved it. I find it so revitalizing (although I do need to escape to have a few beers occasionally). Love it!"

Bruce Parry, BBC Tribe series presenter and explorer

"This has not just been about fitness. It is about pushing your own boundaries, mental and physical, and being overawed by the outcome. I feel a new respect and love for my body (for me!) as I have watched it slowly but steadily forgive and forget the 5 years of neglect and abuse (bad eating and sedentary lifestyle) that I subjected it to. I feel alive again, fit and raring to go. I have a new awareness of and relationship with my body and with nature. I know that my body can give so much more than I think and this gives me confidence that I am able to cope with any new scenario. Thank you Tara, thank you everyone here, for giving me a fresh start and a new outlook Bring it on!"

Louise Lumb

"A complete miracle"

Jeannette Hyde

"The ultimate fitness centre where exercise bikes...treadmills are replaced by miles of white beach and the Indian Ocean"

Susannah Osbourne

"Having drifted into an ever more unhealthy lifestyle over a number of years, I reached the point where drastic action was required. I had a lot of weight to lose, and was hoping that the Wildfitness course in Kenya would prove to be both the catalyst for immediate change, but also help me to find a way to continue afterwards. My biggest fear before booking was whether this was something for my level of (un)fitness – although they stated it was for all levels, I was concerned that everyone else would be super-fit athletes attempting to improve their ironman times! Thankfully the environment was very encouraging, and they somehow managed to keep everyone together in group activities, but each person stretching themselves to their own level. The course delivered everything it promised and more. On the physical side, I learned a huge amount about functional fitness, how to train effectively, optimal nutrition, and how to correct imbalances built up over years of body misuse, such as slouching at a work desk. It’s also impossible not to lose weight and feel better if you participate in the course fully, and this had a great motivational effect. It stretched me to challenges I would normally shy away from – including a swim across a creek far longer than any I’d attempted before. My personal favourite activity was the dawn run through the forest, so much more engaging than the treadmill at the local gym! Beyond the physical side, it was also a fantastic holiday, and I made some great new friendships, as well as trying some more esoteric activities I wouldn’t naturally have done in London. Perhaps most importantly, as someone who has lost and then regained weight in the past, the programme helps you to adjust your lifestyle to maintain and continue the improvement, and I feel since returning from Kenya that I have made enduring changes to my lifestyle. Wildfitness has helped me lose over 20 kilos of weight, while increasing strength and energy levels. I would recommend the course to anyone who is willing to switch off from their regular lifestyle and leave the office behind for a while, and who enjoys a group atmosphere. My personal view is that the 2 week course is the best choice – long enough to see some results and develop a programme to take back with you. Finally, the Wildfitness staff have an infectious enthusiasm, which gets you over the inevitable day 3 muscle aches. Thank you Tara and the team for all of your help, and good luck as you expand into new venues."

Andrew, working in the city

"Life changing!"

Andrew Hunter

"Wildfitness is the best way I have found to combine physical workouts and fun. I keep returning."

Philip Winter

"Everyone has been quite impressed by the changes in me, but mostly the comments have been, 'You look so WELL'. It does help to have the bleached hair and the tan but I do hope that the changes to my well-being remain. I attended a Jazzercise convention my first weekend back and all my fellow instructors could comment on is how tall I looked and how my posture had changed."

Kay Konop

"It was all round awesome - for both of us [me and my partner]. I came away from it feeling recharged and inspired. For the six months before we flew out, I’d worked as hard as I ever have and the course proved the perfect way to unwind. Friends joke about it being like a boot camp, but the atmosphere was so relaxed and relaxing, there were no elements of that at all. It was superb."

Louise Carey

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