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At Wildfitness, our courses are run by an elite team of coaches who bring a wide variety of skills and professional experience to the Wildfitness community and are united in their belief in the wild approach.

All of our coaches have completed the Wildfitness coaches training and live and breathe the philosophy: both on the retreats and in their daily lives.

As a result, throughout your course you can make the most of the resources around you: tap up the coaches for ideas, tools, skills and drills – that’s what they are there for.

You will find them all professional, dedicated, encouraging, knowledgeable and huge fun. The perfect ambassadors for the brand. 

Anne-Laure Pelletier - Head Coach

Anne-Laure is a force of nature and is passionate about living and sharing a lifestyle that focuses on movement, exploration, and challenge – being able to excel in modern life without neglecting the basic principles of human nature.

Based in Nairobi, she grew up in the French Alps and, as a teenager, represented France at 400m and cross country. In her 20s, after five years in London (working for Matt Roberts PT), she adopted a barefoot lifestyle and joined Wildfitness.

She says: ‘Wildfitness is as stimulating as it is liberating because it’s a philosophy that can be experienced, shared and expressed in your own way. It exposes people to multiple formats of play, experiments with movement, intensity, environment and terrain, but also evolves through discussions and workshops.’


Natalie Hurst- Head Coach

Better known as 'Nala' for her leonine locks and general gracefulness, joined the Wildfitness tribe in 2013. She has infused life on location with her positive and playful attitude and has inspired many clients in how to re-integrate their ‘inner wildness’ into daily practice.
With eight years of international coaching experience as well as a background in Performing Arts, Natalie’s curiosity for movement – she has more bounce than Tigger – and her buoyant, warm nature means she’s excellent at coaxing lost movement out of clients on each course she delivers.
Her confidence in helping others to adapt, shift and carve a well-balanced lifestyle for themselves derives from her own success.
‘Wildfitness isn’t just a brand, for me it’s a philosophy that I strive to live by. When we explore the root of what makes us human, we can start to make sense of why certain behaviours and patterns arise. Understanding our ancestral history creates a certain liberation within our framework of daily living. Wildfitness has given me and others the opportunity to become more curious, creative and playful in movement, work and relationships whilst still respecting the needs of our modern lives species.’

Paul Ranson - Head Coach

Raised in the urban wilds of London, Paul epitomises what it is to be a movement generalist and how to stay wild whilst living city life.

After achieving a BSc combined Honours in sports science and geography and minus a few long haul adventures, Paul has been coaching since 2006. He has a passion for his practice in helping people enjoy their physicality whilst changing mindsets to what he believes it is to be truly healthy and fit.

'Discovering the Wildfitness philosophy during the coaches training course in 2011, my whole outlook towards health and fitness was changed. Wildfitness combines everything I am passionate about: movement, health, nature, having fun and, more importantly, it made sense from an innate and meaningful evolutionary perspective. I truly believe that the Wildfitness philosophy can be life-changing and completely transformative.”



Augusto Vegas - Head Coach

Born and raised in Peru, Augusto has always made a point to live a life connected to nature, particularly the ocean. After some years on the road working as an adventure tour leader, he found himself teaching freediving in South East Asia, a skill that brought him into contact with Tara Wood, founder of Wildfitness.

A passionate surfer and freediver, Augusto has become a key player in the evolution of what the Wildfitness philosophy is all about.

'I love Wildfitness because it helped me understand nature at a deeper level. With this I not only mean nature around us, but also nature within us. I am proud to be part of a team with a simple, yet very powerful, message that helps humans reconnect with nature – outside and within – and in doing so, living a better and more balanced life.'


Uju Eze - Head Coach

Uju was born in Nigeria but has spent most of her life in the UK. Growing up in an environment that challenged her to move naturally, walk barefoot, climb trees, roll around in dirt and generally play in and with nature still inspires her today in coaching.

As a qualified sports and remedial masseuse, her love of the human mind and body is infectious, and the combination of her humour and her natural empathy make her a brilliant and inspiring coach.

‘Our bodies are the greatest instrument we will ever own and Wildfitness has guided me on the most passionate journey to explore that instrument in a mindful way, using nature and evolutionary filters to deliver and delve deeper into coaching, integration massage, as well as living it confidently myself.’


Grant Cartin- Coach

Grant has been a merchant sailor, plasterer and fireman over the past decade but has spent all and every spare moment gaining movement skills.  He has a background in mixed martial arts as well as being a student of movement experts such as Ido Portal but has also worked in more mainstream fitness environments including a couple of years in a gym in Dubai.  This brings a vast array of knowledge to the table which he is always keen to share.  He is now going nomadic in Asia, having just completed a 200 hour yoga course with his girlfriend.


Joash Akwiry Matakwa - Coach

Joash was a competitive national Kenyan sprinter in 100-, 200- and 400-metre disciplines. He has trained with some of the world's top coaches and specialises in boxing, Muay Thai kick-boxing, running, and body weight training.

Full of vitality Joash is a real inspiration.


Hannah Beadle - Coach

Hannah was introduced to the tribe by Head Coach Nala and has fully embraced our approach.  She was involved in various sports to a high level and has moved from specialisations to become a strong all-rounder and is certified MovNat level 2.


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