Anne-Laure Pelletier - Head Coach

Based in Nairobi, she grew up in the French Alps and, as a teenager, represented France at 400m and cross country. In her 20s, after five years in London (working for Matt Roberts PT), she adopted a barefoot lifestyle and joined Wildfitness.

She says: ‘Wildfitness is as stimulating as it is liberating because it’s a philosophy that can be experienced, shared and expressed in your own way. It exposes people to multiple formats of play, experiments with movement, intensity, environment and terrain, but also evolves through discussions and workshops.’

Question time with Anne-Laure...

1) What is your favourite travel destination?
East african bush has definitely taken me back to the roots and given me a deeper understanding of nature. My best training environment was boxing in Thailand combined with massages and fresh food. And I haven't found anywhere else that fills me up with energy like exploring new parts of the Alps with friends!

2) What song motivates you while exercising?
Brazilian drumming makes me more experimental when moving - capoeira style. Generally latino/african beats keep me dancing but for the rest of my practice, I enjoy the sounds of my surroundings and of my moves!

3) What is your go-to post training meal?
Kenya won me over with grilled chicken and Sukuma (similar to spinach). If I cook, then usually cooked vegetables and eggs, generally in the oven, gratin style!

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