Augusto Vegas - Head Coach

After some years on the road working as an adventure tour leader, Augusto found himself teaching freediving in South East Asia, a skill that brought him in contact with Tara Wood, founder of Wildfitness.

A passionate surfer and freediver, Augusto has become a key player in the evolution of the Wildfitness philosophy.

'I love Wildfitness because it helped me understand nature at a deeper level. With this I not only mean nature around us, but also nature within us. I am proud to be part of a team with a simple, yet very powerful, message that helps humans reconnect with nature and in doing so, living a better and more balanced life.'

Parallel to being a Head Coach for WF, Augusto is currently developing Survival Apnea, an education system that shares Surfers and Freediver´s Insights with other Water Enthusiasts, Athletes and people in general. Visit  to find out more. 

Question time with Augusto...

1) What is your favorite travel destination?
Indonesia, Peru and Nepal.

2) Do you have a song that motivates you when exercising?
I  don´t listen to music while engaging in movement challenges. That said, do appreciate some cool tunes while hanging out with friends, road trips and before surfing. Some of my "current" favorite songs include: Run Like Hell, Pink Floyd / RIVA (Restart the Game), Klingande / Home, Edwarde Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros / Something Good, alt-J / Needles In My Eyes, The Beta Band

3) What’s your go-to post workout meal?
If in Peru, surfing is followed by Seafood. If in Thailand, a Muay Thai session is usually followed by eggs, fruits and good coffee

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