Hannah Beadle - Coach

Originally from a high level sports background from a young age, structured workouts was all I knew. However, something instantly clicked when I joined the Wildfitness tribe in 2015, I soon began to realise that the structure was the problem. Everything had become structured and humans have become disconnected not only from nature but themselves…we have become disconnected from being human. Wildfitness taught me how to reconnect through movement, food, and play

Since embarking on this journey of evolutionary movement and becoming more of a generalist I have also completed my MovNat Level 2 Certification. For me Wildfitness is not just a philosophy, it is my passion.

Question time with Hannah...

1) What's your favourite travel destination?
New York City, I've never come across so much energy and diversity in one place. Also for those who know where to look, the little hidden pockets of peaceful green space in such a busy city. A place full of an indescribable magic that you just can't explain unless you've experienced it.

Also the more I spend time there...Alladale, Scotland. A place that I feel truly connected to nature and completely at home in the wilderness.

2) If you could choose one song to listen to while exercising what would it be?
"The earth has music for those who listen"-Shakespeare 

Whenever I train outside I very rarely listen to music. But if I had to choose one song 'Breathing light' by Nitin Sawhney 

3) What's your go-to post training meal?
I don't have a go to post training meal. I'll usually have a trail mix of some sort to hand. A good and easy post training snack: grilled apple and hallomi with a touch of cinnamon and freshly squeezed lemon.

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