Joash Akwiry Matakwa - Coach

Joash is based in Kenya he has competed as a national Kenyan sprinter in 100-, 200- and 400-metre disciplines. You are most likely to meet him on our courses in Zanzibar. He has trained with some of the world's top coaches and specialises in boxing, Muay Thai kick-boxing, running, and body weight training.

Full of vitality Joash, is a real inspiration.

Question time with Joash...

1) What is your favourite travel destination?
Spain. I enjoyed being able to hike in the amazing mountains, and another place I love is watamu/Kenya it's alive with nature and full of good vibes.

2) What song motivates you while exercising?
I love music and listening to it while I'm relaxing but it is not something I like to do when I'm working out.

3) What’s your go-to post workout meal?
Anything organic and well cooked in nice favours.

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