Nala Hurst - Head Coach


With eight years of international coaching experience as well as a background in Performing Arts, Natalie’s curiosity for movement – she has more bounce than Tigger – and her buoyant, warm nature means she’s excellent at coaxing lost movement out of clients on each course she delivers.

Her confidence in helping others to adapt, shift and carve a well-balanced lifestyle for themselves derives from her own success.

‘Wildfitness isn’t just a brand, for me it’s a philosophy that I strive to live by. When we explore the root of what makes us human, we can start to make sense of why certain behaviours and patterns arise. Understanding our ancestral history creates a certain liberation within our framework of daily living. Wildfitness has given me and others the opportunity to become more curious, creative and playful in movement, work and relationships whilst still respecting the needs of our modern lives species.’

Question time with Nala...

1) What is your favourite travel destination?
Vancouver Island has had a huge impact on me. You can feel totally remote, wild, and the land demands a playful attitude! There aren't too many places where you can snowboard, wild swim, hike, tree-climb and camp all in a day.

But on the flip side, Africa will always have a strong pull on me. It's where I started my journey with Wildfitness. By living and breathing the philosophy in Kenya, I was humbled by how much I learn’t of my disconnection to the human spirit and to the natural world. There is a raw purity that helps you discover the truth of who and what we are.

2) What song motivates you while exercising?
I find too often music can distract that quality of movement so its good to go without at times- especially if you are engaging in complex movement. If I'm training outdoors I find I've enough stimulation from the environment. Running, I will tune in to my pace and the rhythm of my steps. However if I’m smashing a few weights around, or skipping indoors, there is nothing like a bit of old school hip hop or drum and bass to get my A game on!

3) What’s your go-to post workout meal?
 I will never ‘work-out,’ but I may move, playfully, vigorously, or gently. If my body calls for it, a warming broth or some dried figs often picks me up. Day to day I could live off Thai food, so any meal bursting with those flavours and I’m a happy lady.

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