Uju Eze - Head Coach

Uju Eze Head Coach at Wildfitness

As a qualified sports and remedial masseuse, her love of the human mind and body is infectious, and the combination of her humour and her natural empathy make her a brilliant and inspiring coach.

‘Our bodies are the greatest instrument we will ever own and Wildfitness has guided me on the most passionate journey to explore that instrument in a mindful way, using nature and evolutionary filters to deliver and delve deeper into coaching, integration massage, as well as living it confidently myself.’

Uju is currently setting up her own sports and remedial clinic in Primrose hill, so watch this space. For the time being check out her website movewitheze.com!

Question time with Uju...

1) What is your favourite travel destination?
Africa, inspiring, alive and raw.. great play ground. Crete Milia is also a soft spot the more I spend time in that terrain. 

2) Do you have a song that motivates you when exercising?
I love music and love to dance to it but wouldn't say I use it to motivate me to move. Sometimes silence is beautiful in movement. 

3) What’s your go-to post workout meal?
Post work-out meal... it depends I don't really have a go to but I'm known to carry nuts and fruit around with me a lot. A good steak and salad always busts my energy and breakfast post workout is usually eggs.

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