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Wildfitness is dedicated to helping people acknowledge and release their natural potential: not only by strengthening the body – a powerful and incredible tool – but also by reconnecting with nature: getting wild.

Our courses have been designed with the input of some of the world’s foremost evolutionary scientists and thought-leaders, and the result is powerful and effective.

Each course provides tools and tactics for long-term lifestyle changes instead of just offering a quick fix.

Behind the courses are:

Tara Wood

After hosting friends at her home in Kenya and noting the visible effects that a couple of weeks in nature’s playground had on her guests, Tara founded Wildfitness in 2001. She aspires towards complete harmony with nature and her interest lies in the mechanisms of natural systems and evolution. Tara continues to refine and evolve the fitness retreats and courses, drawing on her own experiences of being immersed in the natural world and also from expertise learned from people at the forefront of the natural and evolutionary fitness field. Tara recently toured with Chris McDougall for the launch of his book, Natural Born Heroes.

Lee Saxby

Lee is lauded as the world's foremost barefoot running coach and is an innovator within the world of health and fitness. An expert in biomechanics and functional medicine, his goal is to reconnect human beings to their biological potential for pain free, skilful, endurance running. He teaches methodical and practical systems to ‘rehab’ people based on a sound evolutionary philosophy.


Frank Forencich

The founder of Exuberant Animal, a programme of primal, practical and playful training, Frank's teachings are core to the Wildfitness approach.

He is the author of three books on evolutionary fitness and has developed a series of powerful games to reawaken our bodies, pique our senses and remind us of our innate human capacity for fun and movement. Frank’s teachings are responsible for the ‘tribal’ feel on our courses and his work has been pivotal in the lives of our coaches and clients.
Exuberant Animal website

Dr Nicholas Romanov

Dr Romanov is a world-renowned sports scientist and the founder of the Pose Method which is a culmination of his knowledge gained during a career spanning more than 40 years.
Specialising in sport biomechanics, his teachings are a powerful tool which we employ on all of our fitness retreats, setting the framework for how to run barefoot and teach efficient movement generally.
Pose Method website

Tatu Bearcroft

Tatu recently stepped up to the role of Resident Chef to work closely with our other talented chefs to ensure every one of our guests has a delicious experience based on taste and science based nutrition. She recently led the cookery classes and food workshops on the 10 day Food + Fit retreat in Crete.

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