Tatu Bearcroft - Resident Chef

‚ÄčTatu first worked with Wildfitness in 2009 in Kenya, working with our brilliant team to bring fresh life to the menu with smiles and laughter. She was influenced profoundly by the effects that the clean fresh food, moments of relaxation blended with ergonomic natural movement had upon our clients a completely different group of guests left the retreat, with glittering eyes, relaxed faces, fluid bodies and calm happy minds. She had already decided to study further and her experience with us she led her to explore the science of nutrition in London at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. With a flare for wild in her food and having grown up close to nature she pulls inspiration from her nomadic upbringing, nutritional knowledge and passion to see delight on guests faces as they share meals around our social tables.

Tatu recently stepped up to the role of Resident Chef to work closely with our other talented chefs to ensure every one of our guests has a delicious experience based on taste and science based nutrition. She will be leading the cookery classes and workshops on her studies on the 10 day Food + Fit retreat in Crete this June.

When she isn’t Wilding it with us, Tatu also runs talks and workshops on nutrition and yoga in London  as well as providing health filled meals for her London based clients. 
Catch her thoughts on our blog as she explored the research behind our ethos.

Over a delicious lunch prepared by no other than Tatu herself, I was able to quiz our resident chef about her food secrets, one of the things I was eager to know was if she could share three useful cooking tips with me. Turns out she could:

1) Taste your vegetables raw before you cook them, allow the flavour to flow over your tongue, close your eyes and savour the emerging tastes as they change influence by your pH levels, salivary amylase, hydration and mental and emotional state. Knowing your ingredients will give you the tools to play with tastes and textures.
2) Cook less, prepare more. Avoid cooking where possible for two reasons - 1. makes the washing up a doddle, 2. reduces phytonutrient and damage and fibre breakdown.
3) Keep it creative, remember the perfect recipe is often someone elses perfection, be yourself. If at a loss lemon saves most disasters... except over cooked pasta, nothing will save that.
Read the full Q&A here

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