Our Experts

Wildfitness is dedicated to bringing out the natural human physical potential in everyone. To create the most potent experience possible to accelerate the process of getting 'wild', we have designed our courses with a huge amount of thought and research. We have brought together the insight and inspiration of the leading thinkers in the field of evolutionary fitness to structure a rich and effective philosophy. These experts are responsible for producing the training for our coaches who, through this process, become the world's leading coaches trained in natural movement and natural fitness.

Tara Wood
Tara founded Wildfitness in 2001 as the natural expression of her passion for the outdoors and belief in the potential of the human body. Tara aspires towards being in harmony with nature and her particular interest lies in the mechanisms of natural systems and evolution. Tara infuses the Wildfitness courses with contact with nature and continues to refine and evolve the courses from her own experiences and also from expertise drawn from people at the forefront of the natural and evolutionary fitness field. Tara is constantly developing and evolving the courses.
Lee Saxby
Lauded as the world's foremost barefoot running coach, Lee is also a true innovator within the world of health and fitness. Lee is an expert in biomechanics and functional medicine, his particular skill is in teaching methodical and practical systems to ‘rehab’ humans using his evolutionary philosophy.  
Erwan Le Corre
Erwan is the founder of MovNat®, a system for teaching natural movement, which is a synthesis of his long-term passion for natural movement, his extensive knowledge of Methode Naturelle® and his philosophy of life. He exemplifies what it is to be a real wild human with the grace, adaptability and skill that this entails. His system of movement is incorporated into the core of our programme. MovNat website
Frank Forencich
Founder of Exuberant Animal, a programme of primal, practical and playful training that has been an inspiration and great addition to Wildfitness and author of 3 books on evolutionary fitness. Frank has developed many powerful games that enliven people’s body’s and senses and are a key part of creating a ‘tribal’ feel on our courses.
Exuberant Animal website
Dr Nicholas Romanov
Nicholas is the founder of the POSE METHOD of running and movement. His teachings have been a powerful logical tool to teach our guests how to run barefoot and his method for teaching efficient movement is used by many competitive athletes. Pose Method website