“By day 8 I’m fitter, thinner and very pleased… I decide to extend my nine days to three-and-a-half weeks.”

-Evening Standard Jan 10

Courses are run throughout June and are 1 week in length (or you can double up and do a two week course). Wildfitness Andalucía, Spain, is run on a huge estate near Arcos de la Frontera  - 1250 acres of half wild areas and half agricultural rolling hills of sunflowers,  olive groves, and wheat fields.   The Cortijo where we stay is OLD, really old (17th century) and seriously pretty.  It is like staying in a bright,  clean museum with roaring fires and antiques plates and guns hanging on the walls.  Several grand-mother grape vines hang over the courtyard and around the pool, with jasmine, hibiscus creepers and orange trees from which, eve-style, you can pick and eat - it is like a film-set. Listed on several eco-friendly sites, they also harvest their own honey, herbs and olive oil.

There is an absolute silence in the evenings, you can hear the stars twinkle. A run across the country from the Cortijo takes you to a lake and the several hills on the property draw you to run up them and see the deepest, reddest sun-sets.  Close to the pristine dramatic mountain range of Grazalema (from which you can see the shores of Morocco) and to the deserted protected beaches of Donana, it has been an absolute pleasure creating a new Wildfitness course here that does justice to all this natural magnificence.


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    Course options

    • 2 Week Revitalise Course in Andalucia

      This course covers all the basics of our 1 week Boost course, but allows you to gain real confidence in the core skill areas of boxing, kettle bells and wild running, plus you will have more opportunity to use your new-found energy with extra fun activities and will really see and feel the difference in your body. Note: the 2 week Revitalise course is not a dedicated 2 week course. The majority of guests will be arriving for a one week course, and the 2 week course is made up of two one week courses. For the first two days of the second week, Revitalise guests will be split off into a smaller group for all skill sessions and join the rest of the new group for other sessions. Several of the sessions during the second week will be different but some will be the same. 

      This course includes the following:

    • 1 Week Boost Course in Andalucia

      This course will cover all the basic parts of the Wildfitness philosophy but will also be a rollercoaster of ourdoor experience that will leave you feeling energised, inspired and with a new confidence in your body's ability. The schedule is packed with workshops, movement classes and adventurous training. You will feel your body changing and will learn the basic tools to transform your training, eating and attitude when you return home.

      This course includes the following:

    • Bespoke

      Andalucia is an amazing location for your own exclusive and bespoke Wildfitness experience. We can organise courses for corporate groups, family groups and groups of friends. Booking your own bespoke course means that you have the freedom to choose the length of the course, plus the activities and emphasis of the experience.

      As well as our classic course, our bespoke offerings include: