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  • Manhattan to Monhonk Preserve

  • One of our most loyal clients, Emma, writes about her action-packed playtime in the Hudson Valley in our first venture into the US. Based in Manhattan, the contrast of big city to big forest could not have been starker.

  • Food 'ON the GO' with Kiira Cabrera

  • "I was fortunate to cook and cater for Wildfitness participants on their Urban Retreat in Barcelona. The team needed something that was transportable as they were constantly moving across the city so they had the pleasure of trying out some of my creations."

    In this post Kiira gives you the recipe to those creations so that you can make them in your own home.


  • Should I fast?

  • In Tatu's latest blog she highlights the pros and cons of fasting, here she discusses different ways to fast and how to do it safely.  

  • Josh Valentine: 'Peanuts & Yak cheese' (Part 5 of 6)

  • This is the fifth blog in a series by Josh Valentine, our man across the Atlantic.  Explorer, expedition leader, teacher, Bear Grylls survival expert and Wildfitness Coach, he explores the journey he has taken from outdoor passion to Wildfitness philosophy.  He is also part of the team that will be delivering our first American retreats in the Hudson Valley in May.

  • Josh Valentine: 'Natural Born Antics' (Part 4 of 6)

  • This is the fourth in Josh's series of blog posts, as he uncovers the world of Wildfitness through the lens of being an explorer, expedition leader, teacher, Bear Grylls survival expert and Wildfitness Coach, he explores the journey he has taken from outdoor passion to Wildfitness philosophy.  He is also part of the team that will be delivering our first American retreats in the Hudson Valley, NY.

  • The Paleo Diet Explained

  • The diet you will abide by on our retreats may sound unimaginable to some but in this blog Tatu, our chef in residence hopes to enlighten you and break it down so that you can see why we implement it and how it can help you! 

  • The Diaries: Barcelona

  • Has your training become boring and mundane, do you feel like you exercise a lot but aren’t really seeing a difference? I did. This experience was enlightening more than anything.

    "It made fitness and health within the normality of urban life totally doable."

    Jessie Peake cannot help gushing about her one true love...Barcelona. In this diary entry she shares with us, how the retreat in the beautiful city was second to none. 

  • Josh Valentine: 'A Revelation on Rainier' (Part 3 of 6)

  • This is the third in Josh's series of blog posts.  Josh is our man across the Atlantic.  Explorer, expedition leader, teacher, Bear Grylls survival expert and Wildfitness Coach, he explores the journey he has taken from outdoor passion to Wildfitness philosophy.  He is also part of the team that will be delivering our first American retreats in the Hudson Valley, NY, in May.

  • Slap Dash Lunch with Tatu Bearcroft

  • Tatu recently stepped up to the role of Resident Chef, to work closely with our other talented chefs to ensure every one of our guests has a delicious experience based on taste and backed by sound evidence.

    Over a delicious lunch prepared by Tatu, I was able to quiz her about her food secrets.  My questions were slap dash; her lunch was certainly anyting but! 

  • Josh Valentine: 'The Ankle' (Part 2 of 6)

  • This is the second in a blog series by Josh Valentine, our man across the Atlantic.  Explorer, expedition leader, teacher, Bear Grylls survival expert and Wildfitness Coach, he explores the journey he has taken from outdoor passion to Wildfitness philosophy.  He is also part of the team that will be delivering our first American retreats in the Hudson Valley in May.

  • Josh Valentine: 'The Majesty of the Midge' (Part 1 of 6)

  • Josh is an outdoors trainer, rock and ice climber, white-water rafter, inspirational speaker and expedition leader - and Wildfitness Coach.

    He has written a series of blogs which give you insight into his 'wild' life and the journey he has taken over the years to develop a deep understanding of nature but, more importantly, understanding the role that we play in it.

    He will be coaching on our first US retreats in the Hudson Valley in May 2017.

  • How to Feel Wild in the City

  • As we launch our new locations and retreats for 2017, one question keeps cropping up: "Can we really do Wildfitness in a city?" In a nutshell, the answer is yes! 

    In this piece we look to our coaches for inspiration on how to feel Wild in the city.

  • Head Coach Paul Suggests the Best Minimalist Shoes for Movement

  • Our head coach Paul gives you the low down on this season's best minimalist shoes and why you should invest.

  • The Best Organic Restaurants in Crete

  • Traveling to Crete? While you are there make sure not to miss out on some of the best organic restaurants the island has to offer.

    As our last course in Crete this year comes to a close I began to reflect about my time there  and remembered all of the beautiful meals that I ate! After I completed my first Wildfitness course earlier in June I decided to stay in Crete for another week. This meant I was able to make the most of the Cretan food available and I wanted to share what I found with you.

  • Taste of the Gods - Red Pepper Dip

  • As we are kicking off our Crete retreat this week we thought we would share a recipe inspired by what our clients will be eating in the beautiful Milia.

    What is nice about this dip is that it is commonly known as a starter, a delicious one but one that is light so you will have plenty of room to eat your main meal - our Nut Koftas compliment this dip perfectly.

    No preservatives - Quick - Yummy! Give it a try.

  • Taste of the Spice Isles - Grilled Chicken in Coconut Sauce

  • We love cooking healthy meals and sharing our recipes with you to make at home for all of the family.

    This week's recipe features the classic combination of Coconut milk, Chilli and Coriander (cilantro) ingredients that due to globalisation are readily available and now staple ingredients in the pantry. The concentration of milk dilutes the chilli to give this dish a subtle flavour rather than the kick that often puts people and especially children off eating spicy food.

    Get in the mood for a week in Zanzibar by cooking up this recipe and let us know how it goes by tweeting us @wildfitness_uk.

    Happy Cooking!

  • Easy Green Salad

  • Our latest recipe takes simple ingredients and makes them into a yummy, stress-free dinner or quick packed lunch. Lightly fry the sunflower seeds in their natural oils until they turn golden: it can transform any old green into a taste sensation!

    The ingredients in this salad are inexpensive but the nutrients they contain are invaluable. Take a look at what our Easy Green Salad contains here and let us know your thoughts by tweeting @wildfitness_uk

  • Taste of the Spice Isles - Chicken Steamed in Banana Leaves

  • Banana leaves are the organic and original version of aluminium foil. Not only that, they slightly infuse the food you cook them with to give it clean and woody taste. 

    The dish we have created will fill your kitchen with the delicate of ginger and thai basil; everyone at the table with be eager to see what you have put in their well-wrapped and seasoned parcels.

    Why not deviate from the norm and try out this delicious dish?

  • Taste of the Gods - Barbecued Asparagus

  •  As the sun is set to shine this week we are preparing for a guaranteed BBQ and our recipe is a corker.

    When the coals are out so are the meat eaters and if you are a vegetarian you become easily forgotten about. Next time you're invited to a barbecue remember to take some asparagus spears and this recipe and your friends will be rethinking their morals.

  • Taste of the Wild - Pumpkin Tagine

  •  I don't want to wish away the summer but we are entering the fruitful months for harvesting and abundance of fresh and easily sourced produce! When buying food we would like to instill the message that the closer to your home you can find your food, the better. No air miles, truck fumes, the least money and effort spend on getting produce to your door means the fresher your greens or oranges - Pumpkin in this case - will be pumped full of TLC rather than preservatives.

    We've given the humble british pumpkin a spice infusion for the coming cold winter months.

    Make it now and you will have it perfected in time for winter and let us know how it tastes by tweeting us @Wildfitness_uk


  • Taste of the Gods - Nut Koftas with Mint Sauce

  • This one is for all those vegetarians at the BBQ who never get a say in what goes on the grill...because BBQ was invented for meat...right? WRONG.

    Europe meets middle eastern food fusion, as nuts are a prominent ingredient in dishes from the Greek islands (Crete), Turkey and Lebannon as they have an abundant supply. Honey is also something that is used a lot. To ensure you are getting the best quality honey make sure it has not been blended and heated, the honey from these countries is processed in the most minimalistic way to maintain most of its nutricious properties. This is process cools honey rather than heating it, so that its original bee-made molecular structure is not deformed.

  • Taste of the the Wild - Rhubarb and Tomato Chutney

  • This chutney is not for the impaitent, eager beavers or keen cooks as you’ll need to leave it in cool, dry storage place for about a year for the best tasting results. However you could be super prepared for christmas and make enough so that all your friends and family can enjoy your efforts, either as a gift or as posh diner condiment. 

  • Taste of the Spice Isles - Crab, Papaya and Fresh Coconut Salad

  • Can't wait to be in Zanzibar for our chefs to serve up some delicious fresh papaya and coconut, then we have given you a recipe to devour the flavours of the spice isles from your own dining table... if the scenery lacks beach vibes you can always watch a video on youtube of the waves lapping a delightful beach and dream of joining us on a retreat.


  • Taste of the Gods - Seared Beef and White Bean Mash

  • Craving a winter roast... well we have the ideal alternative that is a lighter summer special. A warming family meal reminiscent of the classic Roast, we have replaced the beloved roasties for a healthy white bean aka cannelini mash flavoured with horseradish. If you are trying to cut down on your daily intake of net carbs this substitution will revolutionise all of your meals. Give it a go and click on the title to see the recipe.

  • The Milia Review

  • A Peaceful Getaway.
    Words by - Jessie Peake

    Tune into the sound of cicadas that are camoflaged in the olive trees, watch goats play and manouver themselves effortlessly on the rocky terrain, all the while stretching out on a rooftop terrace that provides a beautiful panoramic view of Milia. Our home for the week. A small eco-hamlet situated in a lush green, remote and therefore peaceful valley in Crete.

  • Taste of the Wild - Ginger and Lime Chicken Patties

  •  Hoping for a BBQ soon. These thai style chicken patties are so irresistable that your guests will be wanting our secret recipe.

    The dipping sauce can be made in bulk so that you have an endless supply to accompany any dish. Alternatively you may find yourself having forgot to buy your close friend a present and you're supposed to be at their party in half an hour, put some of this flavoursome sauce in a glass jar with a ribbon on it and you have a thoughtful homemade gift. You can't go wrong.

  • Taste of the Spice Isles - Banana Whip

  • Breakfast/Elevensies/Brunch/Lunch/Snack

    No matter what time of the day...this smoothie is full of nutrients and energy for all activities. It is a quick solution for when you are in a rush. To make you even speedier you can make this before going to bed and it will be perfectly chilled and ready for you to take on the school run or for morning commute.

  • Taste of the Spice Isles - Citrus and Avocado Salad and Caramelised Orange Peel

  • Nigel or Nigella eat your heart out. 

    This week's receipe will impress the likes of the A-listers and they don't even know how easy it is to make. It is a perfect post diner refreshment when the salt you have taken in needs to find its equilibrium with sugar again which makes the taste sensation all the more poignant.


  • Taste of the Gods - Gingered Carrot Salad

  • Here we have combined the sweetness of carrots with ginger that can lift off any meal and make it one to remember. 

    Ginger has many healing qualities, so if you can introduce this ingredient into your daily life you should quickly reap the benefits.

  • Taste of the Gods - Bulgar Wheat and Tomato Salad

  • Let us start of your weekend with a summer dish, perfect to accompany the charred goodness from the BBQ whether it be large sweet peppers or a well garnished kebab. This dish can compliment almost any meal, turn a mediterrainean dish into a Mezze platter by adding houmous on the side with a few small falafels, full of goodness.


  • The Alladale Review

  • A week wilder than anticipated. 
    Words by the Director of Wildfitness - Eric Walters

    Our Director returns from a week's retreat in the 23,000 acre nature reserve that is Alladale. Here he has provided a thorough account of his time there. This includes all the unexpected delights the sublime landscape had to throw at him and the rest of the tribe. It relays how its beauty contrasted with harshness of nature is for those strong willed, action loving, nature enthusiasts people.

    This experience is for the people that want the real deal rather than only having seen it on the home screen of an Apple product.

    Enjoy the read...

  • Taste of the Gods - Sweet Tomato and Aubergine Bake

  • To celebrate our return to Crete on Saturday and in spite of the British dismal June weather we have a mediterrainean mid-week meal for you.

    This recipe is the next instalment in our Taste of the Gods series, however don't be afraid we do not require a lamb sacrifice nor any other kind of meat for this dish. This is an easy vegetarian and vegan friendly bake that will cause conversation at the table to grow silent as everybody is too busy eating their healthly, delicious and seasonal veg.

  • Broccoli Pizza Base with Garlic Mushrooms & Spinach

  •  Struggling to think of something to have for diner this evening that is quick, delicious and nutricious (and the kids will like!)...

    ...We have the perfect recipe for you; a green take on the carborofic pizza aka a nutritionst's nightmare.

    There is no such thing as a cheat day in our book but by calling this recipe a pizza we feel like we are being naughty just without any of the bad bits. Now everyday can be a cheat day. What makes this recipe so great is that you can add any of your favourite classic pizza toppings and it will be much healthier than the doughy alternative.


  • Cool Green Juice Boost

  •  Feeling hot, hot, hot? Enjoy a juice boost to cool you down.

    A very refreshing and super energising juice to kick start your day. To steer clear of the coughs and colds going round recently, I have been having one of these juices every morning and immediately I can feel the vitamins having an effect on me. I may have gone overboard with the ginger in this recipe, but I love what it gives me; I'll have a spring in my step for the rest of the day!

  • Taste of the Gods - Mediterranean stuffed chicken with a sun-dried tomato pesto

  • Taste of the Gods - Mediterranean stuffed chicken with a sun-dried tomato pesto

    This is a quick and easy recipe to transform your everyday dinners to make it that little bit more special or to impress any guests. I'm a bit of a fussy chicken eater - it has to be perfectly cooked and I can't cope when it's dry. By filling the breast with basil, sun-dried tomatoes and olives, it helps keep the chicken as tender as possible and infuse it with delicious Mediterranean flavours. 

  • A Wellbeing Retreat in Zanzibar Could Be a Life-Changing Experience

  • “and bounce”. “and change legs”. “and bounce”.

    Those were the words going through my head as I was supposed to be concentrating in a meeting yesterday. They were Joash’s words from the wellbeing retreat I attended last week in Zanzibar.

  • Taste of the Spice Isles - Coconut Prawns With Spicy Mango and Ginger Salsa

  • Taste of the Spice Isles - Coconut Prawns With Spicy Mango and Ginger Salsa

    We bring you the "TASTE OF THE SPICE ISLES" with our deliciously healthy recipe for Coconut Prawns with a Spicy Mango and Ginger Salsa. Perfect starter for 2 people.

  • Bringing Back Play

  • Bringing Back Play- by Eric Walters, 10 April 2016

    Play has been taken away from adults ­ or perhaps was never ours to own ­ but is something that we clearly miss.

  • Taste of the Wild - Orange Infused Salmon With Ginger & Fennel

  • Taste of the Wild - Orange Infused Salmon With Ginger & Fennel 

    This is a lovely simple recipe, but never disappoints. Find yourself a couple of fresh wild salmon fillets and combine with these intense and complimenting flavours. Serve alongside some seasonal veg or a fresh green salad. 

  • Taste of the Gods - Easter Surprise

  • Taste of the Gods - Easter Surprise

    Easter weekend is coming up how about baking our not so naughty Orange, Almond and Date Cake. If you can get the dates and oranges prepared in advance, it's the easiest and quickest cake you'll probably ever make! So if you're like me and put off by long lists of ingredients and complicated methods, this one is for you! 

    It's a beautifully intense and moist cake, which goes perfectly with seasonal fruit. I like a slice for breakfast with a scoop of yoghurt and a few berries scattered on top. 


  • Giulia Enders: Keep a Healthy Gut Every Day & on Wellbeing Retreats

  • Keep a Healthy Gut Every Day & on Wellbeing  Retreats.

  • Taste of the Wild - Venison Stew

  • Venison stew with prunes and ginger

    At Wildfitness we explore different movements, pushing comfort zones and shocking the body: 
    everything to keep movement exciting and fun. I like to mimic this with the meals we serve. So my aim is to challenge taste buds and create a culinary adventure!

  • Happiness by Design

  • Happiness by Design by Paul Dolan
    Reviewed by Eric Walters, Wildfitness

    Self-help sections of bookshops are probably my least frequented. Perhaps I don’t like the idea of admitting that I need help or don’t want to be seen to need help or perhaps I just don’t believe that big issues can be solved by reading a book that filters the issue into 7 (or 10 or 20…) bullet points. Thankfully, there was no one looking when I made a purchase on Amazon for Paul Dolan’s exceptional book, Happiness by Design.

  • Our Clients Love Our Balls

  • Love Balls 

    Try making our yummy wild and healthy Love Balls - a favourite of all our clients - and we think the perfect Valentine bite.