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Berlin | Urban Retreat | 3 nights | 27th - 30th April | £500

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We want to expose you to nature and wilderness, movement and healthy eating in the confines of a city.  We have developed a long-weekend of exploration in Berlin that we call an Urban Retreat.

The Urban Retreat encourages you to explore cities from the perspectives of the three pillars of the Wildfitness philosophy; movement and challenge, healthy and tasty eating and balancing arousal with appropriate rest and relaxation.

Berlin is a fragmented and highly diverse city which is a big part of its charm and appeal to the creative types. Equally as impressive as its renowned creative types is the abundance of cool movement, healthy eating and a variety of options for escaping the city within the city. Wildfitness have collaborated with specialists and the best of the coaches, chefs, venues and experiences Berlin has to offer.  This three-day experience will leave you inspired to look for the awe in yourself and your environment to help create a sustainable, healthy approach to living in a big city.


Thursday Evening 5pm - We will meet at the Michelberger hotel cafe for a brief introduction then we will head to Schlesischer park for an introduction to the concept of Wildfitness and the urban retreat? experience. Next, we will have a chance to introduce ourselves and participate in the first movement session of the weekend designed to awaken the senses and tune us into one another and our environment. We will also be picking up our bicycles for the weekend and, although not a natural movement, cycling is a great way to experience the city like a local and allows us to preserve our energy for the main events.

Later, in the evening, we will be having our first meal together at Chicha. This is a modern Peruvian-inspired restaurant with a strong ethos on clean and high-quality ingredients all within a typically Berlin hip venue and trendy part of town.

Friday - Michelberger Hotel will be our meeting point from here we will cycle to Treptower park. This place will become our gym for the morning, there is plenty of 'equipment' to use such as fallen logs to climb, vault and lift. As we take a stroll deeper into the forest, we find the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious, picnic brunch.
Having had an adventurous morning you will have free time to enjoy the local Market along the Landwehr Canal in the lovely Kreuzberg neighbourhood.

In the afternoon you will have an introduction to contemporary dance and improvisation taught by the highly talented and super energising Eva Georgitsopoulou. This fun workshop will challenge your ability to create patterns, bringing more awareness of your surroundings whilst also trying to find that beautiful place of letting go when possible. Eva will help you explore the ability to interact with yourself, the space and one another and leave you feeling completely energised by this creative practice.

After a day of movement, it's time to reward the body and assist the recovery process with a delicious meal full of flavour and nourishment for the body and soul. Along with some amazing barbequed meat, traditional Korean Kimchi will be on offer, this fermented cabbage is both delicious and highly beneficial to the health of your gut.

Saturday - This morning we will meet up for a short journey to one of Berlin'sbest-keptt secrets for returning to the source of nature and where we feel most alive and connected to our senses.
Our first session of the day will be with local coach Benjamin Joon will be sharing his Movement Play practise with us which is marked by his passionate relationship with the martial arts. From childhood, Ben has been practicing the principles and techniques of Judo, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Qi-Gong, MMA and Jiu Jitsu. As well as the physical aspect of the practice he will also bring the focus to mindfulness. This will be followed by another appropriately delicious picnic brunch and adhering to the Wildfitness ethos on nutrition.

In the afternoon, our host for the weekend, Roland Pretz, will then introduce us to his practise named Total Attention Training in which we will be exploring the power of breath and the mind connection in order to control your bodies various systems to allow yourself to develop control during various forms of exposure. This practise is influenced by the Wim Hoff Method of training and has the potential to benefit us in everyday situations and beyond. Following some "play time" we will then head back to the city for some real indulgence of calm and tranquility at Berlin's premium Spa; Vabali Spa. A true oasis in the heart of Berlin, stretched over 20,000 square meters you can enjoy the variety of thermal pools, laze in the outside hot tubs and detox in the various steam and saunas. There is also an option to treat yourself to a perhaps much needed rub down.
For dinner we will be enjoying a Turkish feast. Berlin has a huge Turkish community and this place is regarded as the best in town for authentic Turkish food of the highest and freshest quality. This is mouth watering delight time!

Sunday - This morning will be in Gorlitzer Park to focus on mobilising areas which commonly hold tension due to the stresses of modern lifestyles.

We will be at Mugrabi Cafe for a delicious brunch with an Israeli twist.

Our final session will be spent at the newly opened Bouldergarten where Roland spends most of his days exploring the various challenges and routes provided at this world class facility. Here you will be introduced to bouldering skills and efficiency to suit all levels of experience along with some fun ways to approach the skill and provide you with more options in your climbing armoury. 
The retreat will finish around 1pm and we will then enjoy some snacks together, share ideas and tips on how you can incorporate all the experiences into a sustainable practise once you return home, before bidding you farewell.


The price of the retreat is £500 and this includes two meals per day (we are going for brunch and dinner with plenty of healthy snacks), guided hosting and coaching from knowledgeable local and Wildfitness coaches, all experiences and sessions.

For those of you who want all of the exercise without the add-ons such as food and spa, we are giving you the opportunity to join the retreat at a fraction of the price - £220.
This ticket includes: 
1x park session structural hygenie (1-2hrs),
2x beach sessions (up to 8hrs), 
1x flow & mobility session (1-2hrs), 
1x dance class (1-2hrs), 
1x bouldering class including entry and equipment (2hrs), 
Bike hire. 
*hours approximate

The prices do not include accommodation so please feel free to stay where you feel most comfortable. Here are a few recommendations:
MichelBerger Hotel, cool, hip very Berlin but combined with lots of comfort and design. Mid range price. (Morning meetings point)
Soho House Berlin (16 min bike ride from michelberger hotel meeting point)

On booking you will receive an Evenbrite confirmation and I will be in touch closer to the course start date with further details such as the schedule and packing list.

If you have any questions please email

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