Costa Rica Retreat - March 3, 2018

Week-long Retreat  | 7 Nights | from $2,625
March 3 - March 10, 2018

Prices: $2,625 sharing / $3,500 single

We will help you to realize your full potential! Prepare to experience moments of “you’ve got to be kidding, I can’t do that,” followed shortly by moments of “wow, I just did that”. Your body is more resilient, flexible and adaptable than you know. With the right nourishment, and the time to rest to help your body repair and develop, we can show you how to be the best version of yourself!

Over the course of the week, you will be taught by our expert coaches to move well and with confidence. We will be staying at the fantastic Minnewaska Lodge, with views of the mountains and large grounds to play in. We will be running and climbing, playing games and mixing high intensity with serious de-stressing.

Here's what to expect:
- 2-3 sessions a day: These vary from high intensity 'workouts', to barefoot running workshops to more subtle workshops concerning self-massage, stretching, and de-stressing techniques
- amazing food; locally sourced, simple, delicious and healthy
- workshops: enable you to take home what you hvae learnt and incorporate it into your everyday life
- rest: the most undervalued part of being healthy. We 'actively' put rest into our schedules and we are serious about ensuring that you are seriously relaxing!

Price includes
- Accommodation
- All meals specially created by our chef to fit the Wild Eating guidelines
- All local transport during the course
- One massage
- Two to three group training or skills sessions per day based on natural movement.  These might include running, boxing, climbing
- Group sessions to enhance joint mobility and flexibility
- Workshops covering wild movement, mindset and nutrition and how to continue what you learn at home
- Prices exclude transport to location.

Our Costa Rica Retreats are based at the Las Velas Blancas Beach Bungelows, on Playa Grande beach, situated on the narrow inlet adjacent from Tamarindo. The property is flanked by a vibrant estuary, and along side pristine shores and rolling waves. Playa Grande is an easy 45 minutes drive from Liberia International Airport. Food and service stations are available throughout the ride.

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