Crete, Food+Fit, 28th June

Crete | Food + Fit | 10 Nights | 28th June - 8th July
From £2,720, sharing / £3,400 single

Wildfitness has been hosting retreats in a magical mountain hamlet in western Crete called Milia for years now.  One piece of consistent praise we receive from clients is the quality of the food.  Thanks to the environment and the purist approach to food by Milia's owner, Tassos, and his passionate kitchen crew, all the food is sourced locally, is organically grown and has thousands of years of Cretan gastronomic heritage behind it.

One piece of light criticism we get is that we don't explore the amazing food enough!  But we are putting that right with our first Food + Fit retreat.  This retreat will cover all that one would expect from a Wildfitness retreat but, with the luxury of 10 days, we have added plenty more workshops and sessions to get a better understanding of what we put into our bodies.

Our awesome coaches will be accompanied by our "foodie-in-residence" Tatu Bearcroft.  With a passion for food and nutritionist qualification to help provide the science behind what we eat and why, she has a fantastic energy and infectious enthusiasm.  She is also a qualified yoga instructor! Tatu will be delivering cookery classes and discuss aspects of our philiosophy with you through out the course.

Milia and its surroundings are a place of fresh air, spring water, natural beauty and total tranquility, where the silence is awe inspiring, the stars sparkle, the views are godly and you feel like you are in another era.  In the surrounding area you’ll find gorges and peaks, old gnarled olive groves, little churches, goats and aromatic wild rosemary and thyme. We will explore all of this, moving naturally and gracefully through uneven terrain while on foraging walks, visits to the local farms, food workshops - getting behind the myths and fads of diets and super foods and, most importantly, opportunities to put your new found understanding of food to the test in the kitchen!

One of the reasons our fitness and wellbeing retreats in Greece are so special is the incredible Cretan food. Most of the dishes we create are made from ingredients grown organically on the surrounding terraces. The fowl, pigs, sheep and goats are reared organically on the land. All dishes use seasonal, local, mostly organic ingredients. There is the opportunity to explore the farm and get involved if you want.

The menu provided on the course has been adapted to follow our hunter-gatherer principles (see our Wild Eating page). We can also provide a personalised menu for vegetarians or those with specific allergies. Here’s a sample menu:

Breakfast: eggs (from the house chickens). Raw cheese (from the goats). Raw local honey and olives. Fresh orange juice or lemonade from the surrounding trees.

Lunch: crisp green salad with aubergine and beetroot grown on the farm. Lamb in olive oil.

Dinner: pumpkin soup, wild greens, local Cretan prawns.

Herbal tea is made from a fusion of wild herbs picked in the Cretan hills (where the animals can’t get to them!). It is said locally that in these places only the gods themselves dare to walk... and some very agile herb pickers.

Wildfitness guests stay in Milia Village, comprising 13 separate guest-houses and rooms built on the foundations of an old village, which was abandoned in the 17th century. Descendants of one of the original inhabitants have meticulously restored the houses using traditional materials – chestnut wood and stone – and ecological principles. The result is an awe-inspiring back-to-nature retreat.

The walls and floors of the rustic rooms are made from natural rock slabs, small wood-burning stoves provide warmth, split wooden horse box doors and basic, traditionally restored furnishings ensure that the accommodation blends harmoniously with the hardy Greek mountains. Each room has a balcony or terrace, and you’ll have ample time to relax, gaze at the mauntain, listen to the goats call and gulp down the fresh mountain air.

The houses run on solar energy and while there are candles and limited electric light, you adjust naturally to the day’s rhythms. The back-to-basics modesty of Milia helps deliver a wild experience, an appreciation of simplicity and a bond with the natural surroundings that resonates with the course philosophy.

What to expect
We will be incorporating all of the Wildfitness moves into the retreat but adding plenty of food-focused elements.

If there is a typical day, it might include 2 or 3 sessions which range from low-intensity breathing techniques and self-massage to high-intensity kickboxing and cardio work.  These will be interspersed with plenty of time to rest as well as workshops on our three pillars: movement, eating and living, with a focus on food and nutrition.

Price Includes

  • Full board
  • An initial assessment with our coaches that records performance parameters including specific movement patterns and running.
  • A follow up explanation and guidance through the individualised exercises prescribed as a result of this assessment.
  • Cooking classes
  • Farm trips
  • A reassessment at the end of the course
  • Two to three training sessions per day
  • Workshops covering movement, metabolism and nutrition
  • Foraging classes
  • One deep tissue massage
  • Group sessions of stretching and flexibility

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