Obonjan, 22 July 2017

Obonjan Island Festival | 7 Nights | 22nd-29th July 2017
Prices from £1,150

Obonjan is an experience; a place that combines health and wellness with world class acts; hot musicians and DJs, intellectuals sharing their findings, yoga and meditation.  We are proudly partnering with Obonjan to bring you the best of a Wildfitness Retreat on a stunning Mediterranean island off the coast of Croatia. Don’t think Glastonbury; this experience will be pool side not a mud slide. 

The beginnings of something beautiful
In August last year, we were invited out to the Island to host daily Wildfitness workshops. These were such a hot topic that we have been invited back to host four week-long retreats during the Obonjan experience. Our itinerary will run in parallel with what is shaping up to be a fantastic line-up of acts and performances. Check out the full program of events here.

Come with us
This is a unique destination with myriad possibilities.  And it is not a standard Wildfitness retreat, but one that packs two punches: you have the music and workshops carefully curated by Obonjan, the physical challenge and movement learning of Wildfitness and, at the end of a festival week, don’t feel like you need another holiday to recover!

We will be based in the South of the island and there will be a series of sessions and workshops over the course of the week’s retreat.  These are a progression that initially introduce you to our philosophy and approach, and then challenge you to push yourself in terms of movement, removing preconceptions about what you can and cannot do and, most importantly, provide you the confidence to take our approach back home and integrate into your daily life.

Prepare to experience moments of “you’ve got to be kidding, I can’t do that,” followed shortly by moments of “wow, I just did that”. Your body is more resilient, flexible and adaptable than you know. With the right nourishment, and the time to rest to help your body repair and develop, we can show you how to be the best version of yourself. 

We provide plenty of delicious food with carefully developed menus that work within our Wild Eating philosophy.  There is also time to relax (we provide a complimentary massage too!) and explore the island and what the various performances and workshops have to offer. Meander through pine trees when seeking island herbs and botanicals on guided nature trails. Snorkel among the fishes. Dive to the bottom of the sea. Journey into the wild.

This place has it all: Island Magic is within Reach.

What to expect
Over the course of the week, you will be taught by our expert coaches to move well and with confidence. The sessions will be a carefully curated balance of high intensity, honing skills, rest and relaxation.  Sessions might include a combo run through the woods, a session on self massage, games and the benefits of play as well as using breathing to help combat stress.

Re-connection: To kick things off we will take a moment to tune into the Island’s magical nature in all its glory, connecting to ourselves, to one another and awakening senses that are often deprived and suffer from over-stimulation and amnesia in artificial environments.

The Art of Wild Running: This workshop will focus on the biomechanics needed for efficient running. We show you how to utilise certain features that make us amongst the best runners in the animal kingdom. We will also delve into the psychology of running and leave the obsession with calories, time and speed way behind us and instead focus on the moment and freedom of cruising through nature’s beauty.

The Skill of Natural Movement (in 3 parts): We will be teaching you skills that we as a species would have acquired to survive and which consequently allowed us to evolve.  We lift, carry and throw very little but it used to be an intrinsic part of most people’s lives.  Climbing, hanging and arboreal locomotion is now deemed limited to child's play. Jumping, balancing, vaulting and the art of falling - think parkour in nature!

Wild Mindset: This talk will highlight our amazing resilience and adaptability as individuals and as a species which has allowed us to become the dominant animal on Earth today. We have been taught to bubble wrap ourselves when faced with a challenge but it turns out that, like any muscle, a lack of challenge results in atrophy of certain capabilities.  We need to stress test ourselves every now and again to make sure that we are still adapting, evolving and resilient.

Power of Breath and an Introduction to Freediving: Through breath we are able to control our autonomic nervous system and thus physiology. After a series of breathing and awareness drills we will take to the idyllic clear waters and tap into our mammalian diving reflex. This ancient reflex preferentially distributes oxygen stores to the heart and brain allowing for an extended breath hold to enjoy the submarine views.

Wild Swim Island HopWe will be swimming or kayaking across to the uninhabited island to the east of Obonjan. We can explore the island and enjoy a snack before returning for sundowners back on Obonjan.

Play Time: Play is the creation of life and a primary driver in creativity. As is seen in the natural world, when animals are fed, feel safe and surrounded by friends and family, the most natural outcome is playfulness and exploration. Obonjan provides the perfect opportunity to let go and adopt a playful mindset with which to enjoy play and games.

Imagine a wooded castaway settlement, where guests can sleep under the stars without forgoing creature comforts. 

We have two types of accommodation to choose from: spacious and stylish Bell Tents and Forest Lodges. Each comes equipped with air-conditioning, ambient lighting, super comfy beds, and fresh linens and towels. Interiors and décor have been carefully designed to ensure that each guest has everything they need to enjoy their stay.

Room Type  Sleeps Price
Bell Tent (one bedroom) 3-4 £4,600 (£1,150 pp if 4 sharing)
Small Lodge (one bedroom) 1-2 £1,600 sharing / £2,400 single
Forest Lodge (2 bedrooms) 1-2 in each bedroom £1,450 sharing (per room) / £2,200 single (per room)

Forest Lodges: These eco-designed forest lodges are lockable and each has en‐suite facilities, lighting, air‐conditioning, power sockets (European two pin), hair dryer, safe deposit box and an outside terrace for chilling. There are small lodges with a single bedroom for 1 or 2 people and larger lodges with two bedrooms and shared bathroom.  Each bedroom sleeps 1 or 2 people.


Bell Tents: These waterproof, lockable, air-conditioned bell tents are individually plotted on a wooden terrace base and have either sea or garden views and ambient lighting. All Bell Tents are close to brand new shared bathroom facilities. A safety deposit box is available at reception.  Each sleeps between 3 and 4 people.


Price Includes 

  • All meals each day, based on menus that adhere to Wildfitness Eating philosophy
  • Individual movement assessments at the start and end of the course
  • Wildfitness workout sessions each day  
  • Wildfitness workshops and discussions
  • All Obonjan Experience programme: Live music and DJs, Talks, interactive sessions and cinema, art and performance, yoga and meditation.
  • Accommodation
  • Boat transfers between Port Sibernik and Obonjan
  • 1 Massage
  • A follow-up Skype call with a Wildfitness coach to help provide advice on how to keep wild once back home

Guests will also have a wristband with which they can make additional purchases at the stores on the Island.

Getting there
Obonjan is centrally located within Croatia’s Adriatic coastline. Zadar and Split airports are the closest to the Island and just a scenic complimentary boat ride away, with an onward journey time of 45-60 minutes from the Port of Split to the Port of Šibenik. There will be three available shuttles on the retreat start dates and end dates so that on booking flights you can be flexible. Please bare in mind that travel to the port from the airport is not included in the price.

To make a booking or enquiry email info@wildfitness.com

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