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Coaches Training | 3 Days | £280
23 - 25 June 2017

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Course Details
This year's Wildfitness Coaches Training is a 3-day event. You will discover our unique approach which is founded upon modern science and simply, affiliated with human intuition. We want to share the methods with you that we have been using for 16 years because they have proven time after time to have sustainable and hugely transformative health benefits.

This experience will introduce you to an alternative approach to what is offered in the mainstream fitness industry and provide you with immensely powerful tools that can make a difference to both your's and your client's lives.

What will be covered?
Our approach is based on three inter-related pillars:

Wild living - We recognise the human ability to be resilient and we want to enhance this in order to handle physical and psychological challenges. Stress goes hand in hand with resilience by looking into its origins we teach you how to manage it. We believe that to be content we have to establish what our primal needs are. 

Wild Movement - As humans what is our capacity as movers in the context of what we have evolved to do over the 200,000yrs we have existed. How does this compare to current trends and methods in the fitness industry today and what are the limitations of these approaches. We will look at the external and internal physical forces that we should harness to achieve efficiency and sustainability in movement. We will also share our approach on movement as a pleasure drive and get you looking at your environment from a whole new but ancient perspective.

Wild Eating - We will compare our ancestral nutrition and eating habits with the modern approaches and look at the limitations in modern diets. We explore the effects that nutrition has on our biochemistry all the way to the all-important gut microbiome. Our approach here is to simplify nutrition using evolutionary filters and by regaining a healthy approach to food and to (re)learn how to enjoy it.

At the very core of the Wildfitness philosophy are the principles of reconnection, reconnection to nature, playfulness, ourselves as humans and one another. Prepare to have your concepts shaken and your world rocked!

In addition to the above, which covers the fundamentals, we are honoured to introduce some guest speakers who work in line with our ethos and are current inspirations to us and within their specialised fields.

Guest Speakers

Tomislav English will be delivering his Ferus Animi // Terra Nova research. The research examines the principles of movement techniques through the lens of evolutionary physiology and environmental adaptation. We will look to better understand our mechanics, neurological function, biological processes and the physical laws which govern our motion, in search of a richer range of possibilities in our movement and lifestyle.

Andrea Oskis and Mark Coulson are both professors in human psychology and will be taking us deeper into the Wild Mind, looking at its relativity today and how understanding the physiological effects of the Wildfitness approach can benefit us all. We instinctively know that play, movement, nature, community, challenge and relaxation are highly beneficial to us but here is the hard but fun science to back it up.


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