Private Coaching

For those who really want to focus and develop their wild living practise, personal coaching sessions are the answer. All coaches live and breath the Wildfitness philosophy and can help you with your specific challenges whilst considering the bigger picture approach to your health.

Each Wildfitness coach is trained in coaching movement efficiency in running, lifting, brachiating, jumping, climbing, combat and more general movement. In addition, they can offer advice in the areas of good and species-specific nutrition habits and lifestyle and stress management to compliment the movement aspect and find the necessary balance needed for optimal health.

Single sessions: £70
Block of 6 sessions: £400
Block of 10 sessions: £650

We are a growing tribe of coaches locateed in various regions of the world, currently including London and surrounding areas, Cambridge, Perthshire Scotland, Nairobi, Bali, Copenhagen, Berlin and Bali.

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