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Classic Retreat | 7 nights | From £2840, Sharing
4th - 11th November 2017
11th -18th November 2017

20th - 27th January 2018
27th January - 3rd February 2018
3rd - 10th February 2018

Retreat Details
No fitness holiday with Wildfitness is a punishment, but the upsides can be felt most keenly at our location in Zanzibar. The beautiful, natural beachfront villas and the acres of icing sugar sand will lull you into a relaxed state, while the climate and abundance of fresh produce will improve your spirits from the minute you arrive, and the sea will become your playground.

Those palm trees? They are as much for climbing as they are for providing a shady spot to read your book. This is nature’s paradise and your deep squats and lunges and crocodiles across the beach will be followed by a deep bath full of essential oils under a starry sky. Like we said, we’re not in the business of punishment over here.

Gin clear waters and icing sugar sand are just part of the draw to our fitness retreats in Zanzibar.

Even the name of this tiny spice island conjures the whispered promise of transformation. Shake off your daily life and indulge every sense: the colours of the Indian Ocean refuse to be ignored and the sunsets are almost too much to bear.

The reefs on the south-east coast of the island are teeming with richly diverse marine life, while the Jozani forest – a tropical wonderland and designated area of conservation home to the endemic Red Colobus Monkey – is ripe for exploration.

Prepare to return to a natural, evolutionary way of eating: thriving on the bounteous ecosystem of your immediate surroundings. The food we serve in Zanzibar is sourced organically and is true to the environment of the island. Fresh fish and seafood is sourced directly from local fishermen every morning, the abundant fruits and coconuts barely have a food footstep, let alone food miles. The menus provided on our fitness courses have been adapted to follow our Wild Eating principles and to make the most of local produce. We can tailor our menu for vegetarians or those with specific requirements.


Sample Itinerary

3 Day Sample Itinerary - Zanzibar

Day 1

  • Arrive in Zanzibar the infamous spice island and swim in the crystal waters to ease your muscles after the journey.
  • Lunch of fresh catch of the day served with a delicious array of salads.
  • Afternoon personal assessment with a Wildfitness coach to look at your movement patterns and posture and talk through your goals for the course.
  • Sunset mobilisation on the beach to loosen joints and discover lost body movement.
  • Supper under the stars: oysters, ginger chicken, lime patties and crunchy salads after a  introduction talk about the basic principles behind Wildfitness.

Day 2

  • Wake up with the sun, a warm breeze and cup of cinnamon tea.
  • ‘Awaken your faculties’ in our open air dojo with sea views. This session works on enlivening your perception of balance, responsiveness and co-ordination.
  • Swim along a reef channel and relax watching the ocean, listening to the waves hit the shore line as you sip your fresh coconut juice.
  • Workshop on Wild Eating that covers the biological and evolutionary logic behind the food that we serve you and the behavioural aspects of eating.
  • Lunch of orange glazed calamari, served with butter beans, cherry tomato and mint salad.
  • Combo through beautiful palm clearings and single tracks. Combos are key sessions that include many natural movements like climbing, jumping, balancing, swimming and throwing… and they get your blood pumping.
  • Beach supper under the stars of grilled fish, tomato and lentil dhal salad, and wild greens with local acrobats for entertainment.

Day 3

  • Sunrise barefoot running skills. Re-learn the basics of our most fundamental human movement pattern.
  • Breakfast of spinach frittata and seasonal fruits.
  • Relaxing massage in the privacy of your room or veranda using organic essential oils.
  • Workshop on Wild Living. Here we explore why both rest and intense activity are so important for your body, your physiology, biomechanics and your mental state.
  • Lunch of grilled snapper fillets with fennel & onion salad, nut koftas and delicious fresh salads.
  • Warm up games on the beach. We choose games that are immediately engaging and get you moving with agility and purpose like no other workout can. They are not competitive and they are not contrived.
  • A wild fighting session using boxing and kicking techniques. We focus on elasticity, rhythm and efficient transfer of body weight. The session is challenging but skilful.
  • Supper of seared beef with bean mash, sautéed mushrooms and toasted sesame carrot salad.

Travel tips

Getting there Our nearest airport is Zanzibar International Airport which is a 60 minute drive away. Wildfitness will organise your transfers to and from the airport on the first and last day of the course. If you need to make your own way - transfers are approx $80 each way.

Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous state within Tanzania. Visitors from most countries are required to have a Tanzanian visa to enter. Visas are valid for three months and can be purchased upon arrival at the airport. The cost varies depending on nationality. Please see link here for in depth information.

There is also an airport departure tax: $48 for international departures and $5 for domestic departures (subject to change).

The local currency in Zanzibar is the Tanzanian Shilling. US Dollars are accepted in most hotels and restaurants. There are ATMs in Stone Town which take both VISA & MasterCard.

Yellow Fever Certificate
Visitors need to check for up to date information on Yellow Fever inoculation. The vaccination used to be mandatory and while it isn't at present from countries without yellow fever we do advise our clients to get the certificate to avoid any problems at the airport with border control. It is still mandatory when travelling from countries with yellow fever. For more information please refer to these websites:

Local Attractions (Please ask us for full details)

  • Snorkelling safari
  • Village tour
  • The Rock restaurant
  • Fishing
  • Jozani Forest
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Water skiing
  • Kite Surfing



The White Sand villas are spread out along Paje Beach and are all beautifully designed and hugely spacious, each with its own living room and doors which you can fling open to make the most of the frangipani scented sea breezes. One-bedroom villas all boast uninterrupted sea views, a private pool and a roof terrace.

There is a spa on site offering beauty treatments and extra massages (you will receive a complimentary deep tissue massage during your course).

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