Urban Retreats: London
4 Days | £500pp
7 - 10 September 
Over the course of a long weekend you will have seen all that London has to offer by running through it, all the sights from the tallest tree and the cosiest cafe.

Wildfitness Movement Jams - Hampstead Heath
Wildfitness are giving you the opportunity to understand our philosophy on your doorstep. Our Head Coaches Paul Ranson and Uju Eze will be leading 90 minute sessions that provide insights into how we use nature as a tool; not only to get physically fit but to do so in a place that will stimulate your primal senses.  Sessions can be booked on EventBrite here.

Wildfitness Movement Jams - Battersea Park
For those South of the river Hannah Beadle will be taking similar sessions to those in Hampstead Heath in the equally beautiful Battersea Park.  Its all about having fun and working muscles that you have perhaps negleted for a while, a few months or, perhaps, decades. Sessions at Battersea Park will begin in S/S 17 more details to be announced.

Wildfitness Fundamentals: Coaches Training Course
23-25 July | 3 Days | £240 Early Bird
This three day course is designed not only for personal trainers who don't feel that repetitive sessions in the gym are addressing the entire issue but also for those keen on expanding their knowledge of evolutionary fitness.Click HERE to book you early bird ticket now.

Sample Itinerary

Each event will vary but we will look to cover some of the following topics:

Wild locomotion: covering movement skills that are relevant to moving in natural challenging environments. Most notably crawling patterns, balancing, vaulting and brachiation to move freely through any terrain.

Exploratory run and lactic lift off: coaching how to run with optimal efficiency through movement drills designed to improve posture, rhythm and body awareness in order to relax. This is then followed by a short high intensity running boost, yet highly scalable to all fitness levels.

Playful roughhousing and combat: looking into the benefits of physical interaction with another person, think playful improvised dance with a martial arts fusion but without the awkwardness. Combine this with combat fundamentals and fighting skills.

Travel tips

Meeting points will change according to which park we use and will be published ahead of each course.


For London events we don't provide accomodation.

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