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Course Dates 2017 
Classic Retreat | 7 nights

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Retreat Details
Alladale in the Scottish Highlands is a classic Victorian sporting manor in a vast 23,000 acre estate: roaring fires in the lodge amidst the rugged hills and the ancient Scots pine woods, are offset by the heathery hills.

This is true wilderness territory. Normally a country sports estate, during our fitness retreats the stag can rest assured that there’s no stalking going on, and all they have to worry about is flashes of neon sportswear disturbing their view.

At Wildfitness, we make full use of the natural playground at Alladale, from the rivers to the hills, leaving no stone un-thrown and ensuring that we explore the spectacular conservation area – from the North Sea to the Atlantic coast.

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Sample Itinerary

Sample Itinerary - Alladale

Day 1

  • 4x4 pick up from Inverness airport and a scenic drive to Alladale wilderness lodge, look out for red squirrels and red and roe deer as you enter the 23,000 acres of reserve.
  • Energising and cleansing juice on arrival
  • Flow and mobility movement next to the Alladale river followed by an exploratory hike to give you a feel for the surrounding hills.
  • Locally sourced Meal of seasonal delights such as hand dived scallops, roasted venison and salads prepared using organic produce.
  • The Alladale project explained - rewilding and restoring the native flora and fauna and providing environmental education rather than focusing on the activities of a traditional sporting estate are the fundamentals of the reserve's ethos.

Day 2

  • Start the day with perception exercises for the mind and body which will connect you to the environment through awakening your senses to nature, listen out for the birds of prey including the beautiful golden eagle.
  • Now that you have connected to nature it's time to unleash your inner animal with the infamous animal circuit which as well as being great fun is amazing for whole body mobility, strength and body awareness.
  • Breakfast - perhaps some local lightly smoked kippers with some of the freshest organic eggs from the local farm
  • Fundamentals of movement efficiency - learn and practice ways of taping into the natural forces of the bodies elasticity, gravity and ground reaction force to become an efficient graceful mover.
  • Workshop on mastery of Wildliving - learn the 3 pillars of Wildfitness and how this sustainable, rounded and enjoyable approach to health and fitness can be a hugely transformative process.-Lunch
  • A wild fighting session, learn the fundamentals of combat with some interactive playful roughhousing followed by grappling and striking techniques, then unleash on the pads with our coaches in an intense but skill focused afternoon
  • Dinner - A chance to share good food and the experiences of the day with the tribe
  • Take a moment of biophilic relaxation and explore our connection to the natural world, it won't be dark until early morning so enjoy a stroll in the evening sun!

Day 3

  • After structural hygiene and some morning wake up movements it's time to hit the west coast for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Arriving at Achmelvich beach you are greeted with the sight of white sand, turquoise sea and a 360 backdrop put to the northern Atlantic and the highlands in the other direction.
  • Picnic beach feast followed by some coasteering and dunes combo action incorporating lots of natural movement using the varied terrain of this environment.
  • Fresh seafood lunch on the coast
  • Lifting, carrying and throwing Highland games style. Incorporating natural movement and the Highland games traditions we will take you through techniques that allow you to develop explosive strength and power which always brings out the primal side within us all!
  • BBQ dinner whilst enjoying the almost ever present light in this magical northern wilderness.


Travel tips

We offer a complimentary transfer service to and from Inverness airport for all of our clients. However we do the Easyjet flights from Gatwick, as they arrive at a reasonable hour.

Outbound: 27th August/3rd September

Gatwick Dep at 12.35 Arr. Inverness at 14.15

Inbound: 3rd September/10 September

Inverness Dep 14.55 Arr. Gatwick 16.35

However, if you are flying from a different location to ensure you can join the transfer party, please try to book flight with similar landing and take off times to Easyjet flights above.

If you get the train to Inverness, pick up is avilable to those ensure their arrival and departure times are similar to the Easyjet flights above.

Alternatively if these times are impossible for you then you can make your own way there in a cab or hire car. If this is the case, on booking please ask for more details on how to get to Alladale.


The main lodge has 6 bedrooms and plenty of relaxation space, from a billiards room to reading corners in front of roaring fires. Stag antlers and leather chairs set in a palette of rich colours set a tone of grandeur. There are two superior rooms available and 4 deluxe.
There is no spa but massages can be organised (you have one deep tissue massage included in your course already).
There is a secret behind the Highlanders’ incredible prowess. They were large, strong, fast and had endurance. While most of the people of Europe ate a plant-based diet of grains and vegetables, the Highlanders ate mostly animal foods, just like their ancestors. Because this land is full of hills, mountains, streams, and valleys, the soil is not very good for agriculture but it does offer great grazing land. On all Wildfitness courses and retreats we serve a menu based on local and seasonal produce that aligns with our Wild Eating principles.

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