What's Involved?

By understanding the pillars of the Wildfitness Philosophy you will be staggered by what you can achieve, with both your mind and body.

Our courses aim to leave you:

  • Energised
  • Stronger and fitter
  • More flexible and with visibly improved posture
  • Leaner
  • Calm and rested
  • With a new set of skills and tools to minimise injury
  • With a fresh approach to food and the meaning of healthy eating
  • Balanced and more mindful of your lifestyle choice
  • Equipped with coping strategies for future stresses
  • Challenged and with a renewed respect for your body

Courses range from 2 days to 3.5 weeks. There are 10-16 guests per course, and your tribe will eat, play, move and learn together, while offering you plenty of time out and individual attention. Our dedicated coaches work with people of all fitness levels and a wide age range.

Wildfitness is for everyone. The question is, are you wild enough?

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