Wild Eating

Our philosophy is based on what we know of our evolutionary origins and what we observe in nature today.

We know that we are omnivores and that our ancestors thrived on the foods that they could hunt and gather in their natural environments. We also know that our species has been cooking food for over a million years.

Our ‘evolutionary diet’ would have consisted of:

- Fruit and vegetables
- Meat
- Fish and seafood
- Nuts, seeds and oils
- Small amounts of ancient grains and pulses

Our ancestors probably would NOT have eaten:

- Dairy (although some of us are more adapted to digesting this than others)
- Artificial additives: flavourings, colourings and preservatives
- Refined or heavily processed foods that are unrecognizable from their original form
- Very energy dense foods like many of the modern grain crops

So, what’s the diet?
We don’t diet. Most wild animals use instinct to inform which foods they need and how much food they consume. Humans also have this capacity, but we don't always listen to our internal signals or, in some cases, we have lost touch with this sense and instead use hunger as a replacement for other unrecongisable emotions.

This is something that anyone can relearn, and on a Wildfitness retreat you will begin the process. By eating real, fresh, nutritionally dense, seasonally relevant foods with lashings of flavour, you will find that you are more satisfied. That’s not to say you’ll eat less – many people on our fitness retreats eat far more than they would normally. But it’s the right food, eaten in the right environment, and you will notice the effects on your energy, skin, and waistline during the course.

At Wildfitness we serve a mostly ‘evolutionary diet’ because eating this way:

- Produces the optimum hormonal state in the body to strengthen your body's systems and be naturally lean
- Prevents cravings and over eating

How much of each food type would our ancestors have eaten?
We are omnivores and are one of the most adaptable species in the world. There are societies living long and healthy lives on mostly meat-based diets and others on a largely vegetarian diet.

There is a huge range of foods that we can eat – and thrive on – once they are familiar to our bodies. We believe in balance and as such we always have meat and vegetarian options on offer on our fitness holidays.

A grain is a grain, surely?
Pretty much all of the foods we buy today are very different from their ancient ancestors due to selective breeding. Celery and celeriac have a common ancestor only 400 years ago!

The main difference in the foods that we grow and rear today is that they are more energy dense and less fibrous. This (along with a less active modern lifestyle), can easily lead to excess in the energy we consume. At Wildfitness we cut down on the most energy dense foods such as grains and pulses and don’t incorporate wheat as the processing of the grain today negates it’s nutritional value.

Does provenance matter?
Yes. Our ancestors would have eaten plants growing within a natural ecosystem. Even when humans started to cultivate plants, they didn’t use fertilizers or pesticides. Commercial agricultural methods used today can change the composition of our foods.

With animal produce, the distinction between wild animals and farmed animals is even more pronounced. At Wildfitness we take care to source produce for our wellbeing retreats as far as possible from local farms that use natural farming methods, or wild foods.

Our chef in residence is Tatu Bearcroft. She is a Naturopathic Nutritionist based London and uses this vast wealth of knowledge to create delicious but healthy food that tends to be a fusion of different styles and skills influenced by a diverse upbringing and exposure to cultures worldwide. Tatu will be delivering cookery classes and discussing aspects of our philiosophy through out the all new Crete Retreat - Food + Fit. So if you are interested in learning more about what you put into your bodies then this is the retreat for you!

Take a look at some of our most recent Wildfitness recipes...


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