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Intelligent exercise and nutritious eating are only part of the equation when it comes to overall wellbeing. Rest and recuperation are just as important for your health. In fact you will not ever feel the full benefit of exercise or good eating unless you rest and sleep well too – it’s the combination that gets results.

Fundamental to the Wildfitness approach is to be strategic. We must try to ensure more joy than stress in daily life, learn to create space, balance our various commitments with our own needs, and develop good coping strategies for when things are out of kilter. It’s crucial to get enough sleep.

How you balance activity and eating with rest will dictate the health of your digestion, sexual system, immune system, your body composition and ultimately your biological age.

At Wildfitness we create a relaxing environment immersed in nature to remove many of your normal stressors, and promote calm and peace. It is this reconnection with nature that we believe is responsible for the results people achieve on our fitness holidays –more than simply the sum of great training and eating.

Our courses are designed around some critical elements:

Training: Training too much has the same effect on the body stress. We have designed our fitness retreats carefully to ensure that guests don’t over-train, and each person is monitored. There is plenty of time between sessions to recover and you are encouraged to relax, rest and sleep – even if you choose to skip a session – your body will know if that’s what it needs.

Sleeping: If you are not sleeping well, your daily cortisol fluctuations need to be considered. Persistent sleep problems can be due to many things, including over-training, low blood sugar, weak digestion or even simply having kids, and will have a huge impact on your ability to endure exercise or reap the benefits of improved aerobic fitness and strength.

Breathing: Breathing is the key influence on your body’s physiological state of stress. When we breathe out, we promote the parasympathetic system responsible for rest and the digestive system. When we breathe in, we stimulate the sympathetic system, responsible for our fight or flight response. On our fitness holidays you will learn how to use breath to relax, calm your body and mind and improve your physical performance. A life-changing skill, which is widely underestimated.

Being Tribal: Bonding in small groups is a very potent balm for emotional stress and good for deep peace, whether during a weekend session in a park or on a longer wellness or fitness retreat with us. Many people come on Wildfitness holidays alone, some in couples, others with friends. The environment is always friendly, nurturing and happy.

Being Mindful: Maintaining focus and using your passion, purpose and drive to give your best effort will give you the results you want and deserve. Maintaining awareness while you train and eat is the ultimate route to wild living. By living in the moment you are also appreciating the experience and having fun - and your body is not in a state of anxiety.

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