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From what we know about evolution, our bodies are designed to endure certain natural movement patterns, from running, fighting and lifting, to hunting and playing.

Early man was capable of intense short bursts of exertion – stalking, chasing and catching prey – with periods of rest or 'active recovery' in between.

On a Wildfitness retreat, the course has been designed to focus on several key skills: wild (or 'barefoot’) running, boxing, lifting, jumping, balancing, swimming, climbing, throwing and many more.

We mimic the movements of the hunter-gatherer and perform each skill with an intensity that our bodies are designed to cope with. This is the key to developing a lean and injury-free wild body.

That might mean crawling across a field like a leopard, throwing logs and rocks up a hill, brachiating (swinging) through the boughs of a tree. It is in the variety of the movements – and the fun we have in re-programing our bodies – that we get lean and strong.

BODY BRILLIANT: The Wildfitness definition of a healthy body size is based on nature. A body that is not too large that it stops you being able to move efficiently, and not too lean that it leaves your energetic reserves too close to the bone, is a natural body.

If you engage in natural movements regularly with varying intensities and take pleasure in eating what your body needs for fuel, your body will reach its natural potential. At Wildfitness we don’t focus on body shape or size as a goal. The act of enjoying moving in itself and enjoying real food results naturally in an athletic and capable body.

DAMAGE LIMITATION: The movement patterns you most often repeat – standing, walking, running, or sitting at a desk – will have most effect on your body. Doing some stretches or an isolated exercise may help to alleviate pain but you have to change your fundamental movement patterns if you want to adjust the load to your structure in order to heal or prevent future injuries.

PLEASURE PRINCIPLE: In order to change and maintain change, you have to be motivated by pleasure and engagement in your new outlook or movements. 

Your activities, sports or exercises have to be fun, purposeful and aligned with the amount of energy you have to give them. If you enjoy movement and the environment you are moving in and through, you will still be climbing trees with your children and grandchildren.

By adopting the Wildfitness philosophy you will be able to make incremental but significant changes in order to live more naturally, happily and wildly, even in an urban environment.

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