5 Best Minimalist Shoes


Head Coach Paul Suggests the Best Minimalist Shoes for Movement

1. Camper Beetle, www.camper.com

Providing a zero drop, wide toe box and a nice hug of the upper foot whilst allowing for maximal movement; plus enough style for most occasions. A shoe that feels better than most trainers.

2. Vivobarefoot Motus, www.vivobarefoot.com

Uber minimal footwear providing the best proprioceptive feedback to sole protection ratio out there. The added bonus is that the Motus is proving to be a touch more durable which helps.

3. Luna Sandals, www.primallifestyle.com

Made using upcycled tires and a Vibram midsole, these sandals LAST and the JC look is definitely back!

4. Innov-8 X-Talon 225, www.wiggle.co.uk

For those who plan on moving through particularly rugged terrain and need that little extra grip the X-Talon works well under the wettest and harshest of conditions and is also good when balancing on wet tree branches!

5. Barefoot, free: look down and spread those toes!

"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art", Da Vinci. Nothing quite beats the real thing for connecting you to your environment, the benefits are huge when introduced with skill.