Being Wild in the City


Urban Wild

At Wildfitness our clients are inspired and energised not only by our passionate and creative coaches but also by the beauty of the natural environments that they are immersed in. Whether it's looking out across the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar or across the wild herbs and olive groves of the White Mountains in Crete, our vision, creativity and sense of possibility for movement seem endless in such environments. If you team this up with super nutritious and delicious food and lots of time to relax and we have the ingredients needed to bring us back to a state of harmony. So what happens when we get back to the urban sprawls that we call home and the hectic, time-restricted days that are the norm? This is what a lot of our clients struggle with but if we look at our environment from a different perspective then moving more closely to what our bodies expect can be easy and enjoyable, even in the city.


Cities such as London are a paradise for the generalist movement approach that we preach at Wildfitness. There are endless options and plenty of amazingly talented teachers out there to help you. Climbing, bouldering, martial arts, parkour, dance of all types, gymnastics and even specialist movement coaches are just a few suggestions.

Then you have the cities’ green spaces that provide a huge range of highly nutritious, natural movement opportunities. You can do a lot with a simple open space but throw in trees, hills, walls, benches… now we are talking! To identify a good spot you need to look at your environment from a movement perspective. Children are generally pretty amazing at this as it's very innate to them so if you need inspiration borrow a kid for the day or hire a Wildfitness coach, same difference! Look for opportunities to tap into a variety of natural movement patterns such as tree branches for brachiating, balancing and climbing, rocks and logs for lifting, dragging and throwing, fallen trees or walls for vaulting, jumping and crawling and so on! You can practice skills independently, put them into a sequence or be an opportunist and go for an exploratory run and see what presents itself. Your options are limited only by your imagination and learning to create each session is part of the fun. Bring a few friends to make it even more enjoyable.

Find some green and relax!

Our cities’ green spaces allow us to connect with nature and, even if this connection is just on a small scale, research has shown this to be highly beneficial to our health. Creating time for a biophilic (biophilia meaning our innate love and connection with nature) moment is just as, if not more, important for some of us than the movement aspect of achieving balance. City life can be stressful and we are often over stimulated and aroused by artificial stressors and visual landscapes. Sometimes intense exercise is not the answer to combat this; more so a gentle, mindful walk in a natural setting, resting under or in a tree, observing the movement of plants or simply lying back and looking at the sky are just a few ways we can connect with nature and all can be highly medicinal. It's simply going back to where our whole expects us to be so it has a hugely positive effect on our biology and psyche. Find what works for you and do it as consistently as possible to find that balance between arousal/challenge with relaxation/recovery.