Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fit do I need to be?

Wildfitness caters for groups of all fitness levels - from those who have not exercised for years to athletes training for a specific event. All levels and ages are encouraged to apply. Those who are fit will be pushed hard, while beginners will be put through a more gradual progression. Some people have never run before and have always hated running, while others are triathletes. On the rare occasions that we feel someone is too unfit to benefit from the course, we can help with pre-course personal training tips.

Q: What is the difference between a Fundamentals and a Transformative fitness holiday?

The Transformative course is two Fundamentals courses back to back with applied learning and teaching in the second half of the Transformative course.  Fundamentals gives us a chance to take you through the varied aspects of our approach to movement, rest and relaxation, and eating.  In the 6 or 7 days (depending on location) of a Fundamentals course, you will get a very good idea of how to move in varied ways, how to think about your food and consider real and useful approaches to rest.  You will most likely leave feeling stronger and more confident and with tools to take what you have learned back home and incorporate into your daily routine.

The longer Transformative course covers the same elements in the first half and then gives you the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of our approach and to really put it into practice.  The sessions will repeat at least in name but your understanding and ability by the second half of the Transformative course will be more advanced and so we will challenge you in different and more rewarding ways. As the ratio of coaches to clients is never more than 1:5, we can be very attentive to your specific needs which ensures that you get a lot of value from your time with us. We do often have clients who feel genuinely transformed by the end of the longer course - whether it is identified by feeling nimbler, more flexible, more confident, deeply rested or having lost weight.

Q: What is different about a Wild Coach?

Our clients routinely feedback that our coaches are the most professional and inspiring they have ever trained with. Our coaches are picked from the hundreds of applications we get every year and are put through our own coaches’ training programme that is conducted annually. Coaches have several years’ experience as teachers, and are natural athletes and nature lovers.

Q: Will I learn anything new?

You will learn a whole new philosophy of movement – one that teaches you to enjoy yourself, be graceful and injury free.
You will learn a new philosophy of eating – one that teaches you to eat delicious natural foods that will give you energy, satisfaction and a healthy natural weight.
You will learn a new philosophy of living – one that teaches you how living in a more natural way will heal stress related symptoms that you may not have even been aware of. Guests often tell us that they didn't expect to learn so many life-transforming things on the course but that this is one of the highlights.

Q: How big is the group?

Group sizes are normally no more than 10 people. Sometimes the group will be divided to teach certain skills.

Q: Do I have to do all the activities?

We are not a boot camp and take no joy from putting people in situations that they would not choose. However, we are also not a 'spa' and everyone is encouraged to join in all the activities and some may push people out of their comfort zone! The activities are lead in a playful and fun way so, although the course is a challenge, everyone feels included and motivated. If there is an activity which you do not want to attend you have the option to miss it or sometimes we can provide an alternative.

Q: Do I have time to relax?

The great thing about doing a fitness holiday abroad is being in a beautiful place between sessions. There is plenty of time during the day to chill out and relax - you can't train all day! Indeed it is essential to recover. There are optional massages and therapies as well as time just to sunbath, go for a walk or do your own thing. The more intense workouts are usually in the early morning or the evening when it is cool. The middle of the day has workshops, one-to-ones, active recovery sessions but also the opportunity to take time out. Depending on the length of the course you choose, there will be either half a day or a full day to either totally relax or partake in many extra activities. Part of the course is structured by holding 'optional' sessions so you can gauge what level your body needs.

Q: I have been trying to tone up and get leaner for years, will this help?

Getting lean is not only about eating less and training more - that is a battlefield that is not only frustrating but also often ineffective. Dissolving common nutrition myths, eating right with intelligent training is the key to natural permanent leanness. Most people whose goal it is to get lean do so successfully on and after the courses, but it takes dedication and determination from you.

Q: I am carrying an old injury - will I be able to attend?

It depends exactly what the injury is. Most injuries we can work around and in many cases we can help to rehabilitate them. If you are unsure we are happy to call you and discuss your concerns. We can also liaise with the Wildfitness trainers on location regarding any training protocols you may need. Your doctor will also be able to advise on what activities you can participate in.

Q: What are the other people on the course like?

Most people are single travellers and some come with partners, friends or family. Participants range between 18 and 70 years old and come from all over the world. Most are 30-50 years of age and with a wide variety of fitness levels. There is always a great atmosphere on the course and many people make lasting friendships!

Q: Can Wildfitness help me change my habits when I get home?

Many people have dramatically changed their lives after returning from Wildfitness having tried and failed to make changes before. This is because Wildfitness: a) changes your reference points - you will find you can do a lot more with your body than you thought, b) makes you feel great and enjoy training and eating well – you will fall in love with your body and nature, and that is the most powerful motivator, c) uses intelligent training and nutrition so that everything you do when you get back actually works, d) changes your habits and confidence levels e) Gives you information about what to do when you get home, together with a philosophy that could not be more simple to implement.

Q: Can I smoke and drink alcohol and caffeinated drinks?

Wildfitness locations are isolated from the temptations of smoking and drinking, neither being activities that are complimentary to becoming fit and healthy! Obviously it is your choice as to whether you wish to smoke and drink but the course is a perfect opportunity to cut down or even give up and detoxify. It will be hard for you to obtain cigarettes and you will not be surrounded by people smoking.

Q: I don't run!

No problem! If you hate running you may find our style different. We teach barefoot running and introduce much more fun and varied forms of running like intervals, sprints and agility work. However if it really isn't your thing we have loads of alternatives: fast walks, boxing etc.

Q: I am worried about training in the heat

We ensure we train mostly in the early morning and evening to avoid the heat of the day and there is always plenty of water available and a cooling shower at the end of a session.