Live. Move. Eat.

Transformative Fitness Holidays

Our transformative fitness holidays will inspire you to be a healthier, happier and more confident version of yourself.


Need to Press Pause?

Too many emails / parties / meetings?

Skimping on sleep to catch up on work?

Want to be a calmer colleague and a more attentive friend?

Learn more about our WILD MINDSET


Fall Back in Love with Healthy Living

We have a holistic approach to living healthily.

  • Cooking lessons

  • Meditation

  • Stress management workshops

  • As well as plenty of running, jumping, climbing and laughing!

Find out more about our retreats in MENORCA.


Oil Those Creaky Joints

  • Do mornings seem a little slower?

  • Injuries take longer to heal?

  • Not quite as bouncy as you were?

Keeping nimble is precious and enables us to live a more enjoyable life; for ourselves and our friends, but also for our children and, perhaps, grand children.

Our expert coaches work with the aches and pains of our clients with remedial work, tips and tricks for loosening up those stiff joints, and help our clients get into a daily routine of ‘structural hygiene’. Find out more.

Upcoming Retreats