Is wILDFITNESS for me?

With very few exceptions, the answer is ‘yes’. We are not a bootcamp so we don’t promise to shout at you, military-style, berate, bully or break you. That doesn’t mean we won’t challenge you!

There are some common questions about whether what we do is appropriate and some simple answers, too.

If you are still unsure, or have a specific question, please feel free to contact us.

Am I Too Old?

The ages of our clients vary enormously. Our oldest client, aged 82, had recently broken her leg and so wanted to get back up to peak fitness so that she could ski again. So, no, your age should not be a deterrent.

Am I Too Heavy?

Some people are worried about their weight but it’s one data point and shouldn’t determine what you put your hand to and what you refrain from trying.

Am I Too Unfit?

Don’t worry too much about fitness in an arbitrary way. There will be some people who are faster than others, or have more endurance, or are more flexible, or simply more determined. But our retreats are specifically structured so as to not be competitive. We find that the person who is great at running needs to work on their flexibility and the strongest person lacks endurance so no one is top of the class in all classes and everyone can learn something from the others on the retreat, as well as from our coaches.

Am I Too Injured?

Possibly. Most people have picked up injuries along the way and have resultant aches and pains, asymmetries and idiosyncrasies to how they move (and how confidently they move). We will need to know a little more detail about your injuries and you may want to speak to one of our head coaches about how appropriate a Wildfitness retreat is. However, assuming that the injury does not prevent you from participating in most sessions, you will find that the retreat is hugely beneficial.