The Rooms

There are eight rooms at Binigaus Nou; six in the main house and two more in the adjoining converted barn. They vary in size, aspect and configuration but each has been carefully designed and decorated by the owners and each has their own, warm personality. 


The King Suite is the largest suite, with en suite bathroom as well as a walk-in wardrobe. It commands majestic views over the property and has a fantastic, private balcony.

The King Suite can be configured as a double or single room (but not twin).


The Queen Suite is on the top floor and so the views are far reaching and quite breathtaking. It also has its own, extensive balcony.

The Queen Suite shares a bathroom with Cousins Room, the only other room on the top floor.

The Queen Suite can be configured as double or single (but not twin unless you are happy on a collapsible bed!).


Cousins Room is tucked behind the Queen Suite and they share a bathroom (no more than 2 people in each room). It can be configured as double, twin or single.


The Sjal Suite is alongside the South and King Suites on the first floor. It is a little more secluded, with beautiful décor and en suite bathroom.

This room can be either double or single (but not twin).


The South Suite, along with Sjal and King, share a floor and there is a delightful area on the landing, perfect for reading in the mid-afternoon sun.

The South Suite has its own en suite bathroom and can be configured as double or single (but not twin).


The Bovera Suite is on the ground floor and has a gracefully designed bathroom.

It can be configured as a double, twin or single room.


The adjacent barn has been converted into two fantastic, rustic rooms (known as Left Barn and Right Barn). These are about 30m from the main house and so slightly quieter and open straight onto the gravel driveway, about 10m from the pool!

Each room has an en suite bathroom and can be configured as double, twin or single.