Nala Hurst

With nine years of international coaching experience as well as a background in Performing Arts, Natalie’s curiosity for movement – she has more bounce than Tigger – and her buoyant, warm nature means she’s excellent at coaxing lost movement out of clients on each course she delivers.

Her confidence in helping others to adapt, shift and carve a well-balanced lifestyle for themselves derives from her own success.

”Wildfitness isn’t just a brand, for me it’s a philosophy that I strive to live by. When we explore the root of what makes us human, we can start to make sense of why certain behaviours and patterns arise. Understanding our ancestral history creates a certain liberation within our framework of daily living. Wildfitness has given me the opportunity to become more curious, creative and playful in movement, work and relationships whilst still respecting the needs of our modern lives.”


Hannah Beadle

"Originally from a high level sports background from a young age, structured workouts was all I knew. However, something instantly clicked when I joined the Wildfitness tribe in 2015; I soon began to realise that the structure was the problem. Everything had become structured and humans have become disconnected not only from nature but also from themselves. We have become disconnected from being human. Wildfitness taught me how to reconnect through movement, food, and play.

Since embarking on this journey of evolutionary movement and becoming more of a generalist, I have also completed my MovNat Level 2 Certification. For me Wildfitness is not just a philosophy, it is my passion."


Grant Cartin

Grant began his career in health and fitness 15 years ago. Since then he has attended a multitude of seminars, workshops and training courses, gaining qualifications including: Sports Therapist, Personal Trainer, Mobility Specialist, Sports Massage, Fitness Movement Specialist and Yoga Instructor.

During his career he has worked in some of the most well known fitness establishments in the UK and Dubai. He has competed in numerous fitness competitions ranging from running races and off-road adventure triathlons.

These days he is far more at home outside the confines of the commercial gym environment and is striving to live a life which consolidates his love for travelling, the great outdoors, and studying the boundless potential of the human body.


Josh Valentine

“The adventure begins when the plan ends.” Josh has made a living as a guide and instructor in mountaineering, climbing, and wilderness survival, writing, safety and photography work in adventure film and TV. As an adventure athlete, his activities include mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, whitewater kayaking, and extreme trail running.

At the core of all of this, however, was an instinct and passion for movement that combined naturally with a keen awareness for the human species’ inherent need for a connection with the natural surroundings. “I believe profoundly that identifying the source and solution to any problem begins by finding its original purpose or precedence in nature. Once I learned about the Wildfitness approach, I was blown away by how much more I understood about so many things that I already thought or did, as well as how much more there was to learn and expand upon. I was hooked instantly.”

His passions include whitewater kayaking, backpacking, ice and rock climbing, and peak bagging. He also doubles as a freelance writer and advocate for ALS patient support and care. Josh has navigated a canoe from the highest source of the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty, and is 19 peaks shy of having climbed the 115 highest mountains in the Northeastern United States. He holds certifications as a Wilderness First Responder, ACA Recognized Whitewater Raft Guide, in Swift Water Rescue, and Avalanche Level 1.

Samantha George Wildfitness Coach.jpg

Samantha has worked in the fitness industry for 14 years after quitting her tourism degree in favour of backpacking Latin America and discovering her love for all things movement. Her 3 main passions in life are health & fitness, travel and nature and these days you will often find her playing capoeira, practicing yoga and eating dark chocolate.

Samantha is a personal trainer, nutritional therapist and lifestyle coach with a unique ability to help others tune into their body and understand its language.

She loves nothing more than helping people re-find the energy and zest for life that we all had as children, before we were taught to sit down and behave!

“Our bodies are always communicating with us we have just been taught to ignore them. The principles of Wildfitness help us to peel back the layers and re-establish this connection whether in the form of movement, nutrition or lifestyle” 

Samantha believes that movement should be playful and fun, food should be nutritious and tasty and our lives should be a balance of excitement and relaxation- something she hopes that every Wildfitness client takes home with them.


Uju Eze

As a qualified sports and remedial masseuse, her love of the human mind and body is infectious, and the combination of her humour and her natural empathy make her a brilliant and inspiring coach. "Our bodies are the greatest instrument we will ever own and Wildfitness has guided me on the most passionate journey to explore that instrument in a mindful way, using nature and evolutionary filters to deliver and delve deeper into coaching, integration massage, as well as living it confidently myself." Find our more here:


Paul Ranson

After achieving a BSc combined Honours in sports science and geography and aside from a few long-haul adventures, Paul has been coaching since 2006. He has a passion for his practice in helping people enjoy their physicality whilst changing mindsets to what he believes it is to be truly healthy and fit.

'Discovering the Wildfitness philosophy during the coaches training course in 2011, my whole outlook towards health and fitness was changed. Wildfitness combines everything I am passionate about: movement, health, nature, having fun and, more importantly, it made sense from an innate and meaningful evolutionary perspective. I truly believe that the Wildfitness philosophy can be life-changing and completely transformative.”


Augusto Vegas

After some years on the road working as an adventure tour leader, Augusto found himself teaching free-diving in South East Asia, a skill that brought him in contact with Tara Wood, founder of Wildfitness.

A passionate surfer and freediver, Augusto has become a key player in the evolution of the Wildfitness philosophy.

'I love Wildfitness because it helped me understand nature at a deeper level. With this I not only mean nature around us, but also nature within us. I am proud to be part of a team with a simple, yet very powerful, message that helps humans reconnect with nature and in doing so, living a better and more balanced life.'