a powerful, Intuitive philosophy

Since 2001

We go way back, in more ways than one

In 2001, our founder Tara Wood, returned to her childhood home on the Kenyan coast with a science degree from Oxford and set up her ‘jungle gym’.

Having grown up in nature, she knew that our modern lifestyles were causing us problems, from stress and malaise to chronic injuries.

Inspired by the rejuvenating effects she saw on those who immersed themselves in the wilderness of her Kenyan home, Tara designed an experiential course called ‘Wildfitness’. Her vision? To help anyone rediscover the joy and transformative power of their own natural potential.

Our philosophy centres around three core pillars

Wildfitness, put simply, is the practice of listening to your body and mind and responding to your instinctual needs to move naturally, for deep relaxation and for unprocessed food. This philosophy is as powerful as it is simple and has the potential to change your life.

We work with an inspirational tribe of experts

Our coaches are united in their belief in the three Wildfitness pillars and exude the benefits of our philosophy. Wildfitness is not just a job to them, it’s a lifestyle: something they live and breathe, both on the retreats and in their daily lives.

Our coaches draw from fields including yoga, martial arts, running, parkour, dance, free diving, and bushcraft, to name just a few. They are professional, dedicated, and inspirational.

Most importantly, they will ensure you are warmly welcomed into the Wildfitness tribe and have a huge amount of fun on your Wildfitness journey!