Here is an example of what two typical days might look like. We try not to give too much away - we found that people start worrying about sessions that are in 3 days’ time rather than focusing on what we are doing today - so you won’t be getting a detailed itinerary of the whole retreat, I’m afraid.

Day 1

06:30 Sunrise wild yoga flow, brain puzzles and movement boosters

08:15 Breakfast

09:30 Combat games and drills

12:00 Wild living discussion

13:00 Lunch

13:30 Free time

17:30 Wild locomotion

18:30 Restorative stretching

19:00 Dinner

20:00 Games, journaling


Day 2

06:30 Sunrise stretches, meditation and nature run

08:15 Breakfast

09:30 Wild lifting, carrying and throwing

11:30 Wild eating and cooking lesson

13:00 Lunch

13:45 Natural running fundamentals

15:30 Free time

18:30 Restorative stretching

19:00 Dinner

20:00 Journaling and star-gazing


Signature Sessions

Wild Lifting, Carrying and Throwing

We have all been given basic lessons in lifting; ‘keep your back straight and bend your knees. However sometimes depending on what you are lifting and where you are carrying it to this isn’t always possible or applicable. Here we look at efficient ways of lifting, carrying and moving objects safely and effectively. Applying this to your skillset not only helps with safeguarding against injury but it promotes healthier joints, ligaments and tissues which builds a stronger, leaner and healthier body in the process.

Wild Flow

Combining elements of yoga, gymnastics, martial arts and dance, we take you on a journey of exploration through movement. This is incredibly nourishing for the body, creating hydration in the muscles and tissues that will relax your body into healing and repair. It is also a great way to connect the mind to the body, and identify areas to work on. The mind body connection is a fundamental way to strengthen your attitude towards health and wellbeing and this is one of those sessions where the two really come together.

Wild Moving

If you don’t use it, you lose it. We explore elements of flexibility, locomotion and elastic potential energy and provide you the skills to move effortlessly and gracefully in natural environments. Taking inspiration from how wild animals move, this is a creative session that will challenge your assumptions on what it is to have a strong body. This session will improve your posture, your body awareness and mechanics in how you navigate your body effectively over tricky or sometimes challenging environments.

Natural Running

Most of us have attempted to run at some stage in our lives. Some love it while others loathe it. But there is no denying the fact that running is a natural movement and we all have the capacity to run skilfully. In this session we explore the various factors that stop us running effectively and ways to sharpen your running technique. We film you to track improvement and you will receive advice from one of our highly trained coaches on your personal running efficiency.