Wild Mindset

Games and Tribe


What if exercise wasn’t a burden to be endured or a penance for bad habits? Do you remember the fun of being part of a football or netball team or a running club?

Spend an hour on our beach in Menorca, playing silly games with almost strangers and see how exhilarating having fun can be.

In Nature


Running on a treadmill says a lot about the trajectory of our culture. We would rather go for a walk, in nature, with varied terrain, sounds and views. Even if that is a park in a city, there is now plenty of evidence that, minute for minute, doing exercise outside rather than in the gym is better for you.

Nutritious Movement


The more a movement is performed, the easier it becomes. Muscle memory suggests that practice tends towards perfection. Conversely, that means that a frequently executed movement is less rewarding, less beneficial than a movement rarely performed. Knot your shoelace the other way round. See how you suddenly have to concentrate. See how that simple alteration gets synapses firing.