Wildfitness in practice

What does our approach mean in the real world? There is no one answer that will be applicable to all for whom our philosophy appeals. We provide general approaches that are relevant and need to be considered in the context of your own life and the challenges and opportunities it presents. Some people are fully occupied with children, others with work, many with a lot of both! Some have a long commute, some work from home. Some would like to focus on eating more healthily whereas others feel that they are tired the whole time. Below are some points to start you thinking about how we view the three pillars.

If you want to talk about any of this further, please do feel free to contact us or drop us an email.


WILD Moving

Moving with intensity, skill and playfulness will develop a strong and resilient body. At Wildfitness, we explore the body’s natural aptitude for movement and show you how to make it fun again.


WILD Eating

Modern lifestyles have a way of complicating our relationship with food, but eating right for your species will make you nourished, lean and energised. On our fitness holidays, we empower you with principles to help you eat well and feel profound results.


WILD Living

Intelligent exercise and nutritious eating are only part of the equation when it comes to well being. We help to restore all elements needed for healthy minds and bodies, including immersion in nature, social contact, and physical recovery.