Our Philosophy

At Wildfitness we believe nature and evolution are the most powerful teachers.

By looking back to our origins and applying the lessons that evolution has taught us, we can be truly fit and healthy today – even with the pressures that modern life places on our bodies and minds.

Humans spent millennia as hunter-gatherers adapting to life in a variety of harsh environments.

At Wildfitness, our philosophy is based on nature and informed by the insight of key experts.

Throughout your fitness holiday we will de-bunk outdated myths, reset your outlook and set you on a more direct path to being healthy, happy and strong. We help you recognise and address negative lifestyle habits and transform your body in the process.

There are no shameful weigh-ins or hunger pangs, no military barking or shaming. The retreats, coaches and sessions are built on three powerful tenets that are the pillars of Wildfitness:

Wild Eating - eating plenty of delicious, nutritious flavoursome natural foods – just as your body was designed to, in order to feel satiated, energised and lean.

Wild Moving - moving with skill and playfulness to develop a lean, strong, flexible and injury-resilient body.

Wild Living - respecting your body's natural rhythms and its need for rest and recuperation and contact with nature in order to maintain focus, balance and energy. Applying this knowledge to stay healthy back in the environment of your daily life.

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