• 'I feel completely rejuvenated, healthy, strong and happy!'
  • "I now feel fitter, slimmer, healthier and more relaxed than I have for a long, long time."
  • "People love love love Wildfitness..." - Tatler Spa Guide
  • "I would recommend it to anyone... whether they are very athletic or couch potatoes."
  • "A complete paradigm change in my mind on health & fitness."
  • "Nine days got rid of so much tension I felt more chilled than I had done in months" - Body & Soul Escapes
  • "It’s an experience that you have to go through at least once in your life."
  • 'A spark has been ignited for a healthier life to come...'

Fitness Holidays

Wildfitness runs fitness holidays designed to transform your body and your approach to fitness - helping you become lean, strong, pain-free and buzzing with energy.

Whatever your age or fitness level, our lifestyle philosophy based on nature & evolution will not only make real changes to your body during your holiday but will also give you the tools for life-long health & vitality.

Our fitness holidays run in Kenya, Andalucía, CreteZanzibar and the Isle of Wight (UK) and are 3 days to 3.5 weeks in length. With over 13 years of experience running courses, you can be sure to experience amazing results.

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Winner: 'Best Bootcamp' Sunday Times Travel Magazine 2011

Winner: 'Hardcore Turnaround' Tatler Spa Guide Awards 2009

“Wildfitness is one of the best 'highs' I have ever felt. It gives you a great sense of your body and your environment - I've never felt so great as after these 9 days! This is the best value for money I have ever spent on myself and I will be returning.”

-Neha Parmar, 9 Day Kickstart, February 2013