Your next healthy
Beach Stay.


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  • “An experience which sends you out with the desire to carry on in the way nature has made you...With a resume of vacations behind me, this one will be the most personal. It was a "better me...” Read More
Don’t assume that because our fitness holidays have radical results, that they are only for elite athletes and supermodels.
We welcome people of every age and fitness level on our courses: all shapes, sizes and abilities. 
Our grounded scientific philosophy, fun and inclusive approach and balanced schedule of work, rest and play will make you leaner, stronger, less injury prone and ensure that you leave completely rebalanced and recharged.
You won’t necessarily drop a dress size, but you will be a far better, stronger and calmer version of yourself.

Wild eating

Simply eating the real food that your body was designed to eat

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Wild moving

Moving with skill and playfulness to develop a lean, strong and injury-free body

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Wild living

Respecting your body's natural rhythms of rest and recuperation.

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